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North Sevier High School
Kelly Peterson
March 2019

Sevier School District would like to thank the citizens of Sevier County for their support of the 2013 voted leeway. That leeway has made many of these wonderful technology enhancements possible.

Kelly Peterson is the science teacher at North Sevier High School. He is a great example of technology integration. When asked about how technology has changed his teaching, Mr. Peterson said, “It has allowed me to give students more access to applied learning. They can use already existing information and build upon it and analyze, rather than simply skim the surface.”

We took a closer look at one of his chemistry classes. On this particular day his students were researching vocabulary terms and creating a pamphlet using the Pages App on their iPads. Mr. Peterson said, “This is a great way to introduce new chemistry concepts to the students. It helps them to remember the vocabulary better.”

North Sevier High School (NSHS) is a 1:1 school with iPads. Students are issued an iPad their freshman year that they will use throughout the rest of their high school career. Because students at NSHS each have their own device, the teachers are really able to create engaging technology enhanced lessons.

In reflecting on his role as the teacher when integrating technology, Mr. Peterson said, “My job as a teacher is not necessarily to teach students how to use technology, but to teach them how it can be used within the science content area. Most students already have a grasp on how to use technology, my job is to show them how these skills can be applied in the field of science. It is important for teachers to stay current with technology so that learning can be empowering.”