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Sevier School District Title I
About Title I
Title I, Part A provides Utah with Federal funds each year to help higher poverty schools provide supplemental educational services to meet the needs of educationally disadvantaged students.
What are the Goals of Title I?
• Help students to achieve academic success in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics;
• Increase student performance in high poverty schools through school-wide reform;
• Build teacher capacity through quality professional development; and
• Enhance parents’ abilities to help their children succeed through quality parental involvement activities.
Click for Sevier School District Annual Report Card 2023_Sevier_School_Dist_at_a_Glance_.pdf
Title I Parental Engagement
Sevier School District Board of Education recognizes that parental engagement is the key to student academic achievement. When parents are engaged in their children’s education, the attitudes, behaviors, and achievements of students are positively enhanced.  Parents and families provide the primary educational environment for children; consequently, parents are vital and necessary partners with the schools throughout their children’s school career.

Sevier School District Title I Schools
Monroe Elementary 
Principal: Chett Heath
Title I Coordinator:  Brian Winn 
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Ashman Elementary
Principal:  Amee Roundy
Title I Coordinator:  Marilyn Stewart
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Pahvant Elementary
Principal:  Chad Johnson
Title I Coordinator:  Tia Lund
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Salina Elementary 
Principal:  Kole Krahenbuhl
Title I Coordinator:  Kelly Winn
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 Parent Guides to Student Success

Parents are important partners in achieving the Utah State Board of Education’s vision that “each student is prepared to succeed and lead by having knowledge and skills to learn, engage civically, and lead meaningful lives.” The purpose of these documents are to help parents better understand what their children should learn, when a child may need more help or when a child would benefit from extra challenges. By using these resources, you may find more ways to advance your child’s learning at home while encouraging growth in their communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Parents may also find Utah’s 5Es for Families to be another helpful resource.  By using the 5Es for Families, your home environment can support and enrich your child’s learning.