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SchoolBinder is a one-stop location for all communication between teachers/coaches and students/parents. It also provides a safe common location for school announcements, celebrations, and achievements. Parents and family friends can now easily access school happenings in one safe location. 

Safely Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate on Schoolbinder!

In Sevier School District we are always striving to improve communication with our students, parents, and the community. We are excited to announce that we will be using SchoolBinder at all of our schools this year. SchoolBinder is a great new tool that anyone (including grandparents and family friends) can easily access from their phone. Certain departments within our high schools have been piloting this tool for over a year now. Please read the document for instructions to download the SchoolBinder app and sign up on your phone today to start following us. This tool will help you stay informed and up to date on all of the happenings in your child’s school. It is also the primary tool that your child's teacher or coach will be using to message you. Please click the link below for instructions.

Download the Schoolbinder App or visit Schoolbinder.com


 Click on Sign Up (email and password) 

Click on “add or find your School”

Search for your School

Once located, Click on the + to add the School

Click on the “X” (from the app) on the upper left to exit and return to the main screen

Join your Messaging Group 

 Navigate to the 4th or Group Messaging column   

Click on manage (bottom right) 

Click on + next to your groups   

(You will need approval from the Group Advisor to join the group) 

  After adding the desired groups, click (x) in the top left corner to return to the main page.

You will see “Pending” until approved by the Group Advisor




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Schoolbinder Tutorial Video- Front End