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Sevier School District Common Language:SSDMTSBADGE

What is MTSS:

MTSS is research-based system of teaching and learning where data-based decision making and a continuum of instruction are used to meet the academic, behavioral, social and emotional needs of all students.


Sevier School District believes implementing MTSS districtwide is the way to create schools where each and every student in our community is welcomed, valued, understood, and has a sense of belonging in a system of teaching and learning that is fluid, responsive, dynamic, and alive, and that uses all available resources to meet student needs.

Sevier School District Believes…

We believe that effective implementation of MTSS will affirm the following:

  • Effective teachers, administrators, schools, and districts are defined by the results they produce.

  • Most students should score at benchmark given adequate Tier 1 instruction.

  • We need to focus on supporting Tier 1 implementation for academic, behavior, and social emotional learning; no system can intervene their way out of a core instruction problem.

  • When interventions are needed most students should make significant learning and growth; intervention failure should be a rare event. When it is not rare, implementation integrity should be the first priority.

  • Instructing or intervening without assessment data is akin to driving without a map: You are wasting your time, you will get lost, and you will probably have no ideas when you arrived or if you are even in the right place.

  • With data, any solution becomes a hypothesis to be tested. Thus, various solutions can be tested to find the ones with the best results.