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1. Graduation credit

1.1 Students enrolled in grades 9-12 shall be permitted to earn credit toward high school graduation for completing college-level courses provided by institutions of higher education that are within the Utah System of Higher Education.

1.2 The student is responsible for expenses and arrangements associated with college enrollment as provided for in Utah Code § 53A-15-101. The student may apply for a fee waiver if appropriate under the District fee waiver policy for class-related costs including consumables, lab fees, copies, materials and textbooks.
Utah Code § 53A-15-101 (2013)
Utah Admin. Rules R277-713-6 (October 9, 2012)

1.3 To be eligible to enroll and be awarded credit toward state graduation requirements, a student shall have the approval of the high school principal, or other designee, and must have a current SEP/SEOP or College and Career Readiness plan (CCR) on file with the high school. To ensure that the student is prepared for college-level work, an appropriate assessment shall be administered to the student prior to participation in all concurrent mathematics and English courses. In addition, the student shall be assessed to determine if the student meets prerequisites established for the same campus-based course by the sponsoring higher education institutions.

1.4 Schools and the Utah System of Higher Education shall jointly coordinate advice and information provided to a prospective or current high school student who participates in the concurrent enrollment program, which shall include providing information on general education requirements at higher education institutions and assisting students or parents to efficiently choose concurrent enrollment courses to avoid duplication and excess credit hours.
Utah Admin. Rules R277-713-3 (October 9, 2012)

Approved: 06/16/16