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1. The long range goal in Sevier School District is to enable each student to progressively develop responsible behavior, a positive self esteem and true respect for others when making decisions in regards to sexuality.

1.1 Elementary

1.1.1 Positive Action (K-5)

1.1.2 Self-Esteem, respect for others, etc.

1.1.3 Maturation Programs (5)

1.1.4 mother/daughter and father/son sessions

1.1.5 AIDS Education (3 - 5)

1.2 Middle School

1.2.1 Health Classes (6-8) one quarter required

1.2.2 Anatomy and physiology of the reproduction system,

1.2.3 AIDS Education (Parent permission required)

1.3 High School

1.3.1 The health, biology, and physiology and home economics courses taught in Sevier School District include units on maturational aspects of human growth and development. They also deal with the physiological process of human reproduction. The district adheres to the Utah State Course of Study and uses textbooks in these courses which are adopted by the State Textbook Commission.

1.3.2 Secondary teachers that teach these subjects have been inserviced in teaching AIDS Education with written permission from the parent.

1.3.3 A Sexuality Week is presented to all sophomore students. Parents are made a part of this program and are invited to a discussion. Each day is presented with a different emphasis on: Financial and social responsibility Facts about anatomy and physiology of pregnancy Decision making skills Consequences of early pregnancy Panel of young mothers and fathers