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The Sevier School District Adult Education Program is called Sevier Valley High School and operates under the following rules and procedures:

1. Eligibility

The Adult Education Program is designed to serve adults who have not completed high school. The state's definition of an adult is a person eighteen years of age or married. Those who have dropped out of high school prior to completion will be considered on a case by case basis and counseled into adult education, alternative school, or the applied technology center.

2. Credit

Sevier School District is the only agency in Sevier County authorized to award high school completion credit. Credit toward an adult high school diploma may be secured in the following ways:

2.1 Sevier School District Adult Education courses.

2.1.1 All subjects required for graduation are offered in the District's Adult Education Program.

2.2 Transfer Credit

2.2.1 Credit earned from public high schools, accredited correspondence and private secondary schools, and institutions of higher education can be used for adult education graduation. In order to attain a degree of uniformity, transcripts of credit will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: only credits from public high schools, accredited private, and parochial high schools, institutions of higher education, and correspondence schools are acceptable. if college credits are to be used for adult high school graduation, they will be evaluated in the ratio of five (5) quarter hours for each high school unit. transfer credits allowed must follow the same procedure prescribed for the use of such credits in the regular high schools of the district.

3. Military Service Credit

3.1 A maximum of three (3) units of credit may be granted for military training. This credit may be listed as military science, first aid, or health and physical education.

3.2 Additional credit may be granted for valid educational experiences while in military service, if certified by the Commission on Accreditation of

3.3 Service Experiences (American Council on Education) or other recognized authority.

3.4 Credit authorized for military service should not duplicate credit already earned for graduation.

4. Work Experience

4.1 A maximum of two (2) units may be granted for verified work experience.

4.2 Students sign the application for work credit which is then sent to his/her former employer for verification.

5. General Education Development Test

5.1 Applicants for credit based on the tests of General Educational Development must achieve an average standard score of 45 or higher on the entire battery.

5.1.1 Eligibility of GED Testing Age 18 if the high school class of which the applicant would have regularly been a member has graduated (same – no change): or Age 17 if the high school class of which the applicant would have regularly been a member has not graduated, and the GED Testing Center is provided the following: A letter from the school district of residence indicating the applicant is not enrolled in a regular school program. A letter from the applicant's parent or guardian authorizing the test. (The guardian would be the local administrator of the state custodial agency.) A letter signed by the school district's Chairperson of the Local Youth in Custody Advisory Council indicating agreement to the administration of the GED Test because of the circumstance of the applicant, and the high expectation that the applicant would not return to the regular school program.

NOTE: All other questions about the GED should be directed Sevier Valley Applied Technology Center.

6. Approval

6.1 All non-classwork credits submitted for use toward a high school diploma must be approved by the Adult Education Director.

6.2 Credit Toward A Regular High School Certificate

6.2.1 Students enrolled in the regular high school program, with approval of the principal, may earn up to two units (2.0) of make-up credit in the adult program to apply toward graduation in the regular high school program. Make-up credit is credit lost due to previous failure of a class or other extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control.

6.3 Requirements For Graduation from the Adult High School Completion program

6.3.1 Twenty four (24) units of credit are required for graduation from the Sevier Adult High School Completion Program.

6.3.2 Credit earned in grades 9-12 will be applied toward the 24 units.

6.3.3 Competency in language arts, social studies, math and science, as demonstrated by GED scores above 55, will be considered mastery and any remaining unearned credits in that skill area will be waived.

6.4 Following is a list of required and elective subjects:

Language Arts:
Three (3) units are required in language arts, such as English, foreign language, journalism, drama, etc.

Social Studies:
Three (3) units are required in social studies, one preferably in American History or Government.

Two (2) units are required in mathematics.

Two (2) units are required in science. This may be either physical or biological science.

Computer Science
One-half (.5) credit is required in computer science.

Thirteen and one-half (13.5) units of electives are required. These units may be in any subject area. Credits earned in health, physical education or fine arts are counted as electives.