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POLICY DEVELOPMENT                                                           1015


To establish the framework for the generation, review, approval, publication, and issuance of Sevier School District policy and procedure.


Policy will define what is needed critical to the effective, efficient, and consistent operation and management of the District.  Policy is established as required by law, direction from the Board of Education, or based on administrative need.

  1. A policy is a guide for action. It should be narrow enough to give clear guidance to the administration, but broad enough to allow discretion in meeting individual circumstances.  Policies set the rules and regulations providing specific direction to school district personnel.
  2. Policy is adopted by the Board of Education. Draft policies are initially presented to the Board for discussion.  Unless the Board determines that a shorter time frame is necessary, the Board shall have at least 30 days to adopt or disapprove presented policy.
  3. Not all policy requires administrative procedure.


For the purposes of the District, procedures can be regulatory, procedural or both.

  1.  Procedure is established by the administration.
  2.  A regulatory procedure implements Board policies. It is a specification   of a required action. It tells what is to be done, and usually tells who is to do it, and when. In establishing regulatory procedure, the administration determines whether the rule will allow wide discretion or no deviation whatsoever.
  3. Non-regulatory procedure simply outlines the way to accomplish a task. It is a step-by-step description of what is to be done, by whom, and how.
  4. Although the Board does not adopt procedure, it shall be presented to the Board for information and review. The 30-day comment period required for policy is not required for procedure; however, where time flexibility is available, it is the best practice.
  5. The Superintendent or designee approves all procedure.


All policy suggestions or modifications received from the public, employees, or employee associations shall be submitted to the Superintendent.  The Superintendent or designee shall review all requests and forward administrative recommendations on all submissions to the Board.  The Board shall consider submissions and the Superintendent's recommendations.  The Board may advance, modify, or reject recommendations; or the Board may direct the development of alternative proposals.  Under the direction of the Board, the Superintendent will assign administration to research and evaluate acceptable proposals according to a reasonable schedule.  If necessary or helpful, an ad hoc committee may be organized for additional input.  The Board may reject, accept, or advance the recommendations or findings for policy development, modification, or implementation.  Nothing in this paragraph restricts the Board from advancing or developing policy modifications or additions pursuant to the authority and responsibility of the Board or from independently developing policies in response to legal or administrative matters affecting operations of the District.

Approved:          02/25/15