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Because of its obligations to allocate the funds of the school district judiciously, the Board of Education will give no consideration to financial contribution requests submitted to it except those which are submitted through proper channels at a time and in a manner specified.


1. Consideration will be given only to request for those financial contributions which are for the purpose of supporting an employee of the Board, a student attending school within the district, or an activity which is sponsored by or approved by the Board of Education or the District Superintendent.

2. Any request to the Board for financial contributions for the support of any employee, student or activity, must be submitted through a school principal (individual school) to the District Superintendent. Special requests can go directly to the Superintendent.

3. Requests must be submitted on forms provided by the Superintendent.

4. Requests must be specific and be delivered to the Superintendent no later than October 1 of the current school year. This timing allows the Superintendent ample time to include the requests in the budget information presented annually for Board consideration.

Approved 07/09/87

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