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BUILDING RENTAL                                5040

Facilities Usage Permit

Buildings and grounds are under the direction of the school principal.

1.    Building Use

1.1    As a guide to scheduling, priorities are as follows:
1.1.1    First priority will be for regular school programs and
1.1.2    Second priority will be for scheduled community school
and adult education programs and activities.
1.1.3    Third priority will be for other community groups who wish
to rent facilities.

1.2    School buildings cannot be used unless a representative of the
board of education is in attendance.  Such a representative has
authority to protect the building and equipment from improper use.

1.3    The applicant for the use of the building shall be present at all times
and be responsible for enforcing these rules and regulations.

1.4    Materials on chalkboards, tables, etc. will not be disturbed except
upon permission of the principal.

1.5    Grounds and buildings must be left in clean and good condition
after each usage.

1.6    The grounds will not be used immediately after heavy rains or other
times when the activity will damage the sod.

1.7    School buildings shall not be used for purposes considered
competitive with private industrial or commercial purposes except
when used by nonprofit organizations for community projects.

1.8    When buildings are occupied, all fire and safety ordinances must be

1.9    Schools and equipment cannot be used except as included in the
rental agreement.

1.10    The use of intoxicants is prohibited at any time on school property.,

1.11    The use of tobacco or vape products on school property by students or minors is
prohibited at any time.  The use of tobacco or vape products by adults is not
permitted in any school building at any time.

1.12    No outside properties or equipment shall be brought into the
building without prior approval of the principal or supervisor.  When
permission is granted, such property or equipment shall be
removed immediately following its use and the board, or its agents,
shall not be responsible for damage or loss incurred to such
property or equipment.

1.13    No sign, poster, properties, etc., can be attached to the building by
any materials such as pins, tacks, tape, etc., except upon approval
in advance by the principal or supervisor.  Independent supports
must be provided.

1.14    The conduct of those attending activities shall be of such a
standard as benefits the proper use of an educational unit.  Foul
language, rowdiness, etc., shall not be permitted.

1.15    Buildings are not to be used for any purpose on Sunday except by
the express permission of the Board.

1.16    The applicant agrees to provide traffic control and other protections
as needed.  The board shall not be responsible for policing the
grounds or regulating traffic.

1.17    The applicant is responsible for all damage to buildings, equipment
or grounds which occurs as a result of the applicant's use of the

1.18    Buildings cannot be used by teachers or other employees for
private instruction outside of regular school hours for which a fee is

1.19    In case of emergencies, the Red Cross or other welfare agencies
may use the building upon permission of the superintendent.

1.20    The board of education may permit school facilities to be used rent-
free by non-profit entities.  An organization is considered non-profit
if the IRS considers it a charitable organization that has received
tax-exempt status. A tax-exempt number must be provided. The
board of education may also permit school facilities to be used rent
free by certain non-political reciprocal organizations. The board of
education reserves the right to grant or refuse the use of school facilities to
any or all applicants, and to charge for reasonable expenses.

1.21    A full schedule of adult education programs, senior citizens'
activities and college courses will be promoted and sponsored by
the school district.  Fees for such programs shall cover only actual
costs for instructors and materials, etc.  All such activities will be
coordinated through the district adult education director.  


See attached Facility Usage Permit.

2.1    Whenever food is served in the cafeteria, kitchens will be opened at
requested time so that the group renting the facility may have use of
water, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators.  No food preparation or cooking will
be done.

2.2    If dishes and silver are not used, one school food service employee
will be employed to assist during the use of the facilities.

2.3    If dishes and silver are used, the organization renting the facility will
employee food service workers to assist and to wash dishes.  The
following schedule will be followed:   

2.3.1        Up to 50 people        1 food service employee

2.3.2        50 to 200 people        2 food service employees
2.3.3        200 to 300 people        3 food service employees

2.4    School food service employees will be paid at their current rate.

2.5    Members of the renting organization will clean up the dining room.  
This includes washing the tables, chairs, sweeping floors, emptying
garbage cans, etc.

2.6    School food service will not cater for special occasions to any group
outside of the schools.

APPROVED: 06/29/90
REVISED:  01/11/17  

REVISED 05/13/20