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When a bus is rented by a non-school related group or individual the following guidelines apply:

The school district transportation program is not intended to compete with commercial transportation. When commercial transportation is available, the district buses will not be rented to private groups.

Community use of buses must be requested on forms provided by the district at least four (4) days in advance, and a trip report must be submitted following each trip.

Rental fees shall be established by the board and may be changed at any time. The current fees are:

• $2.50 per mile

• current driver's fees

• Actual driver expenses for meals and lodging on extended trips

The renter shall be responsible for all damage caused by passengers.

The renter must provide liability insurance (minimum $1,000,000)

The renter shall be responsible for all necessary clean up of litter, etc. which occurs during rental period.

Buses will be available for rental only if it does not interfere with school use. A rental may be cancelled if an emergency causes a change in schedule and the bus is needed for school use.

Approved 06/29/90

Revised 08/09/06