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Fire and Extended Coverage on buildings owned by the school district including contents is provided as approved by the board of education.

Boiler Insurance is a separate policy with a limit of liability provided as determined by the board of education. Repair or replacement of equipment is also included.

Liability Coverage covers members of the governing body of Sevier School District, members of board or commission of Sevier School District, any elected or appointed official of Sevier School District and any employee or authorized worker of Sevier School District.

Buses and Motor Vehicles owned or leased by the board shall be adequately insured for fire, theft, bodily injury, liability, property damage, and such other coverage in such amounts as the board may from time to time prescribe.

A Public Employees Blanket Bond (Faithful Performance Blanket Bond Coverage) has been purchased for the protection of the board and the district covering all employees and in such amounts as the board approved.

Errors and Omissions is provided in broad form coverage to include all persons who are, now are, or shall be employed by the Sevier School District and shall include all student teachers and all elected or appointed members of the board of education.

Approved 07/31/91