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It is the policy of Sevier School District to faithfully fulfill its safety and risk management responsibilities both as a matter of professionalism and public trust.

This policy applies to all pure risk (risks which can cause losses and whose undertaking involves no possible profit) such as fire, liability suits, theft, workers compensation, product recall, and other risks of property and liability losses, both direct and indirect. It does not apply to deliberately assumed costs of employee benefits.

The Risk Manager has responsibility for directing and coordinating all risk functions. The Risk Manager shall be directly responsible for: risk analysis, purchase of insurance, claims adjusting, selecting of insurance agents or brokers, and development of risk charges to operating entities.

A Risk Management Safety Advisory Committee will be established. It should meet on a periodic basis to review potential hazards or trouble spots, and to ensure equipment and facility inspections are properly documented and the results evaluated.

The Risk Manager will coordinate information and act in an advisory capacity with regard to fire protection, safety, security, and risk aspects of contracts or other legal documents. Also specifically included is traffic safety.

Each employee shall be responsible for conducting operations in accord with district standards and statutory requirement. The Risk Manager shall report all losses or claims, regardless of size, to the designated claims agency.

The Risk Management Safety Advisory Committee will meet on a regular basis to be informed of safety issues and to advise proper safeguards to protect students, employees and the public.

It is important that both the Risk Manager and the Risk Management Safety Advisory Committee be continually conversant with district operations.

Each principal and supervisor shall be responsible for keeping the fixed asset file current and by reporting new property values, disposal of assets, and significant changes in operations to the Risk Manager.

Approved 11/05/89

Revised 05/19/94