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1.1 Sevier School District believes that the primary purpose of homework is for students to practice what they are learning. Homework is used as a reinforcement for classroom instruction and experiences, it is a vital component of the educational program in elementary and secondary schools.

1.2 The District believes that homework should be used as an additional teaching tool to enrich and extend learning experiences. In addition to a better understanding of subject materials learned from homework, students develop self discipline, time management, organization, and work habits--skills that will serve them throughout their lives on the job and in their personal activities.



2.1 Homework should be assigned with a purpose and a goal that is carefully explained by the teacher and thoroughly understood by the students. Assignments should relate directly to and enhance students' learning of essential elements taught in the classroom. Homework also should acquaint students with out-of-school learning resources and encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning.


3.1 Meaningful and relevant to learning targets and an extension of class
3.2 Opportunity to apply learned skills
3.3 Supportive environment for student success
3.4 Opportunity to reflect on what has been learned
3.5 Extension of time and support when needed
3.6 Varied according to ability
3.7 Minimal weight if any in the overall grade–homework is practice

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Revised 03/08/95
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