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Guidelines for students to attend a school other than their home school in Sevier School District have been established and comply with the standards of the "Enrollment Options Program" as outlined in Utah Code 53G-6-402 through 213. Students/parents requesting attendance at a school other than their home school need to complete the attached application form using the guidelines for participation outlined on this page. There are general guidelines applicable to all students at all times and specific guidelines that relate to the two application periods:

1. General guidelines for participation applicable to ALL applicants at ALL times.

1.1 Each applicant will be screened and considered on an individual basis, based on available space by building, grade, class or program. Applications may be denied to those who have committed serious infractions of the law or school rules, or have been guilty of chronic misbehavior, which would, if it were to continue, endanger persons or property, cause serious disruption in the school, or place unreasonable burdens on school staff. Academic standing cannot be used for exclusion. Exceptions may be made by provisional agreement entered into by the parent, student, and school, establishing conditions for continued enrollment.

1.2 A one time, non-refundable processing fee payable to the requested school may be charged at the time application is submitted. (This fee can be waived for qualified applicants)

1.3 If the application is approved the student will be expected to honor the commitment for the requested school year. This is required so as not to disrupt staffing and scheduling plans at the requested school and the home school.

1.4 Once enrolled the student may remain enrolled, subject to compliance with rules and standards established for all students including those established by individual agreement and subject to space availability as provided below (see paragraph #1.8) Revocation requires returning to the home school or district.

1.5 Parents/students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school except as provided by Utah Code 53G-6-405 and 53G-6-407(2) (b), which allows students to ride on established routes on a space available basis and providing no additional costs will be incurred by the District.

1.6 Applications are considered and granted on an individual basis with no implied guarantee to siblings. However, Sevier School District will consider and make an effort to accommodate applicants in the requesting school district.

1.7 Utah High School Activities Association guidelines/policies will be followed for students who want to participate in inter scholastic competitions.

1.8 Once enrolled, a student may be excluded from continued enrollment if the school they are attending will exceed 90% of capacity for the next school year. If exclusion is necessary for the next school year, parents will be notified by March 15. The law calls for the most recently enrolled to be the first excluded. 53G-6-402(7)(a) and (b).

1.9 Other than exclusion for cause, non-resident students who choose to return to their home school for the next year need to notify the school they're attending on or before March 15.

1.10 A nonresident student may graduate with one semester of attendance and meeting requirements generally acceptable to all students.

1.11 Falsification or intentional misrepresentation of information on this application will result in a cancellation of the application.

1.12 A student whose legal residence is outside Sevier School District, but who will be staying in Sevier School District boundaries, will need to provide a power of attorney to the school principal to establish a legal emergency contact.

1.13 Any decision or action taken upon provisions of this law may be appealed to the school board through the Director of pupil personnel.

1.14 Should the district have a school identified as a persistently dangerous school, a student attending such a school may be allowed to transfer to the next closest public school within the district. 

2. Guidelines for participation during the WINDOW period – January 1 through January 31 for the forthcoming school year.

2.1 Initiate application at REQUESTED school. Parent/student requests during the period DO NOT require a release from their home school or district.

2.2 Sevier School District students will be given first priority for placement in participating schools. All other applications are handled on a first come first served basis.

2.3 The application needs to be completed and returned to the requested school as soon as possible before January 31. Schools will begin processing and approving applications by mid-February. Parents/student will be notified on or before March 1 of their acceptance or rejection to the requested school. The confirmation of intent to attend the requested school will be assumed upon completion of the school registration materials.

3. Guidelines for participation during SPECIAL NEED period – After February 1 for the forthcoming school year and anytime during the current school year.

3.1 Initiate application at home school or Home District Office for non Sevier School District students. Parent/student requests during this period require a release from the home school or district. Changing the students enrollment during the current school year requires the approval of both the district (school) of attendance and the district (school) in which enrollment is sought. 53G-6-402(8).

3.2 Applications will be handled on a first come first served basis. Each applicant should have an individual special need that is identifiable beyond personal preferences.

3.3 Applications will be considered and processed as soon as possible after submission.


Approved 08/13/92
Revised 11/13/97

Revised 07/15/20


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