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Foreign Exchange and Nonresident Students

1.1 The Sevier School District recognizes that the intent of foreign exchange programs is to give students from other countries a cultural and educational experience in an American high school. The District also recognizes the value of having foreign exchange students attend its schools. Hence, the district hereby adopts reasonable rules and regulations providing for the orderly admission of foreign exchange students. It is not the intent of Sevier School District to graduate or award diplomas to foreign exchange students. Foreign exchange students who are enrolled in Sevier School District do not earn a diploma and therefore should not be allowed to participate formally in the high school graduation ceremony.

1.2 Sponsoring programs, host families and other individuals should not advertise graduation from high school as an expectation for foreign exchange students.


2.1 Federal immigration laws do not authorize foreign students in the United States on short-term tourist visas to enroll in public school. All foreign students must be approved for enrollment through the Sevier School District Office. The District will determine annually how many foreign exchange students may be accepted in grades 11-12, based upon the availability of space assigned through the Utah State Board of Education. Foreign exchange students typically enter Utah schools with a J-1 Visa and are sponsored by a foreign exchange agency or program. Students are issued a J-1 Visa by the U.S. Department of Immigration with the following definition, a foreign national secondary student who has entered the United States for up to ONE YEAR for a cultural and educational experience. J-1 foreign exchange students do not qualify for a high school diploma or enrollment in a driver’s education class. Sevier School District does not enroll F-1 Visa students.

2.2 Students may not be placed at a high school, which has reached its enrollment capacity. Any student with a criminal history or previous expulsion will not be accepted.

2.3 The District may enroll a foreign exchange student if the foreign exchange student:
2.3.1 is sponsored by an agency approved by the State Board of Education;
2.3.2 is enrolled in the school for one year or less;
2.3.3 The State Board of Education and Sevier School District expect all foreign students to be proficient and fluent in the English language. It is not the intent, nor is it financially possible, to expend the support for ESL/ELL Services instruction for foreign students.
2.3.4 has a sponsor who will be responsible for their physical and economic needs; and
2.3.5 meets any other requirements of the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization.

2.4 If the District enrolls a foreign exchange student, the District shall require the approved exchange student agency that sponsors the foreign exchange student to provide a sworn affidavit of compliance prior to the beginning of the school year. The affidavit shall include the following assurances:

2.4.1 that the agency has complied with all applicable policies of the board;
2.4.2 that a household study, including a background check of all adult residents, has been made of each household where an exchange student is to reside, and that the study was of sufficient scope to provide reasonable assurance that the exchange student will receive proper care and supervision in a safe environment;
2.4.3 that host parents have received training appropriate to their positions, including information about enhanced criminal penalties under Utah Code § 76-5-406(10) for persons who are in a position of special trust;
2.4.4 that a representative of the exchange student agency shall make contact with each student's place of residence at least once each month during the student's stay in Utah;
2.4.5 that the agency will cooperate with school and other public authorities to ensure that no exchange student becomes an unreasonable burden upon the public schools or other public agencies;
2.4.6 that each exchange student will be given in the exchange student's native language names and telephone numbers of agency representatives and others who could be called at any time if a serious problem occurs;
2.4.7 that alternate placements are readily available so that no student is required to remain in a household if conditions appear to exist which unreasonably endanger the student's welfare;
2.4.8 the school District may refuse admission to school of school-age students who do not have a parent or legal guardian living within the District;
2.4.9 the school District may refuse admission to school, any school-age student whose placement record indicates that he/she may be harmful or damaging to the safety and well-being of other students. School officials should work with other appropriate city, county, and state agencies for proper placement of such students;
2.4.10 Utah school immunization record must be completed;
2.4.11 students shall be responsible for appropriate school fees and participation charges and are not eligible for fee waivers;
2.4.12 students are not eligible for English as a Second Language (ESL), special education programs, or remedial programs;
2.4.13 students are expected to carry a full load of grade level courses in a brick and mortar high school (no online courses), and are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA. If tutoring is required to help a student succeed, any costs are the responsibility of the host family or agency. Those not meeting these expectations will be referred back to the sponsoring agency or individual to return home;
2.4.14 foreign exchange students may earn a certificate of completion indicating courses taken;
2.4.15 students shall not be allowed to enroll in Driver Education;
2.4.16 foreign exchange students involved in Utah High School Activities Association sanctioned events must meet all UHSAA eligibility requirements.


3.1 The District will enter into a formal memorandum of understanding with one sponsoring agency as the sole single source provider for one year with the option to extend the agreement for two additional years. The memorandum of understanding can be canceled by either organization with a 60 day written notice. The sponsoring agency is required to adhere to all federal, state, and District guidelines and requirements. A copy of the memorandum of understanding will be on file with the assistant superintendent/curriculum director. Should more than one agency express interest in becoming the sponsoring agency the District will determine if and when a formal selection process shall take place.


4.1 The school District may refuse admission to school, any school-age student whose placement record indicates that he/she may be harmful or damaging to the safety and well-being of other students. School officials should work with other appropriate city, county, and state agencies for proper placement of such students.
4.2 School administrators may determine to enroll nonresident students if one of the following two conditions is met:
4.2.1 If the student has a parent or legal guardian living within the State of Utah a power of attorney document is required; or
4.2.2 If the student does not have a parent or legal guardian living within the State of Utah a Court-appointed legal guardianship is required for the person with whom they will reside within the District.

4.3 Sevier School District recognizes that students in these situations are sometimes experiencing difficult circumstances. The processes of power of attorney and court-appointed legal guardianship often help families understand the significance of what they are considering and further protects the nonresident student and the current students in the school district.

5.1 Under the general authority via Public Law 107-110, as amended, 25 USC§2007(i), Sevier School District contracts with the Bureau of Indian Education for tuition for the instruction of Indian School Equalization Program eligible out-of-state students attending Sevier School District and residing at the Richfield Residential Hall.

Approved: 09/13/17
Revised: 06/24/20