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The School Board is essentially the board of directors for the school district and, as an elected council, helps to determine educational policy. Meetings are held monthly, generally on Wednesdays, and members of the community are always welcome to attend. Please refer to the calendar on the right for the specific time. All Board meetings are held at the Sevier School District Office 180 East 600 North, Richfield, UT 84701.

Sevier School District Administrators welcome feedback and are happy to meet with the public for any reason. If you wish to meet with an administrator please contact the District Office at 435-896-8214. 

Patrons who wish to address the Board must sign up prior to the start of the Regular Board Meeting either online by emailing the attached form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or using the sign-up sheet provided at the District Office. Patrons must also call ahead to inform the Board that they plan on speaking during patron dialogue at 435-896-8214. If several individuals are concerned with the same issue, they should select a spokesperson to address their views.  In the interest of time, the Board may limit cumulative and repetitive information. 

Patrons wishing to participate in Board meeting please review and complete the following form. 



Board Members

John Foster, (bottom left) Precinct #4 - P.O. Box 300394, Glenwood, Utah 84730 (435) 313-0858

Vice- President

Ryan Savage, (top right) Precinct #2, - 275 S 600 W, Richfield, Utah 84701 (435) 201-1345


Jack Hansen, (top left) Precinct #3 - 790 South 960 West, Richfield, UT 84701 (435) 896-4706

Dixie Rasmussen, (bottom right) Precinct #5 - P.O. Box 96, Salina, UT 84654 (435) 201-1567

Richard Orr, (bottom center) Precinct #1 - 1405 South 200 East, Monroe, Utah 84754 (435) 527-4447

 SSD Precincts Map

Voter Address Lookup Map


 Board Committee Assignments

Auditing Committee                                               John Foster/Rick Orr

USBA Delegate Assembly                                      Jack Hansen  

School Properties Committee                                Jack Hansen/Ryan Savage

Redevelopment Committee                                   Ryan Savage/Dixie Rasmussen

 USBE hotline please click here