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Student Health and Safety Resources
Dear Parents,

Sevier School District leaders are in consistent communication with public and private health officials on effective precautions and responses when it comes to the health and safety of our students. We frequently meet and collaborate with community leaders and health care officials and we have met several times over the past few weeks to specifically discuss COVID-19 (the coronavirus).

We need to work together in our efforts to help ourselves and our children stop the spreading of illnesses. Often this is as simple as remembering to wash hands and avoid touching our mouths, noses, and eyes. Perhaps the most important lesson we can teach our children is how to appropriately respond using reason, rationality, and open-mindedness when our society is faced with a difficult situation or threat.

Attached below is a list of links to factual and accurate information concerning COVID-19. Please take a moment to review the information and check back for updates. We will continue to communicate with you using email, text message, social media, and the Sevier School District webpage.