Superintendent's Scoop July 2016 - Bond/Voted Leeway Update

Superintendent’s Bond/Voted Leeway Update – July 2016


June of 2013, the citizens of Sevier County passed both a bond election and voted leeway. Voter

turnout was considered high through a mail-in ballot, and support for both the bond and leeway

was considerable. Since that time, school board members, district administrators, teachers, and

district staff have been working hard to implement what was proposed to the voters during the

presentation and hearing processes of the election. As promised in the bond and leeway

presentations, Sevier School District is addressing significant needs that will provide students

with a great educational opportunity while providing a fair and equitable value to taxpayers.


1. Richfield High School Replacement Project: The timeline for the new Richfield High

School is on target and the final phase of construction is nearing completion. It is

anticipated that the project will be fully complete this October. The project is being

funded through the bond. For updates and photos of the project see


2. North and South Sevier Roof Replacements and Band Rooms: Both of these projects

will be fully complete within the coming weeks. The bond is also funding these projects.

Other proposed projects included in the 10-year building plan include: major renovations

and replacements to South Sevier Middle School and a major renovation to the North

Sevier Middle School gymnasium.


3. School Safety and Resource Officers: Thanks to an agreement between Sevier County

and Sevier School District, four resource officers are now in place in each of the major

attendance areas of Sevier School District. The officers began fulltime on January 1, 2014,

and the program has been a tremendous success. Emergency response times, 911 panic

buttons, and student-law enforcement relationships are a few of the many benefits of the

program. The Sevier School District portion of the costs related to school resource officers

and security updates have come through the voted leeway.


4. Technology Improvements: (Waiting for Chet 6-23-16)

 • Leeway funding has helped improve infrastructure by upgrading switches, battery

  backups, and access points throughout the district. This funding has also made possible

  the purchase of an additional wireless controller. These upgrades and additional

  equipment have helped provide a more stable and reliable network in all schools.

 • The school district is continuing to update and maintain the security camera systems in all


 • Sevier School District currently has over 2000 Chromebooks and 1200 iPads in service for

  student use. An additional 600 Chromebooks will be deployed next month. All teacher

  desktop computers have been updated beginning a five-year replacement cycle. Other

  devices that will be upgraded/replaced/added this year include: projectors, interactive

  boards, document cameras, and other equipment to provide up-to-date and adequate

  computer access and abilities for lab and activity group work in chemistry, physics,

  robotics and earth science classes.

 • A technology trainer/director has been hired to assist teachers and district staff in

  fulfilling the vision of enhanced programs targeted toward student success and support.

  With 3 full-time technicians, support and weekly visits to each of the 13 schools in the

  district is a reality. Work order response time/resolution have been greatly reduced.

Inspire the mind, create a passion for learning, educate for success in life.

Sevier School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs. Please contact your school principal for further information.