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Students are expected to dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational environment and is appropriate for the day’s activities. All students shall wear clean clothing and practice good personal hygiene. Clothing, jewelry and hairstyle must not present a health, safety or disruption to the learning environment. Disruption is defined as reactions by other individuals to the clothing or adornment, which causes the teacher/administrator to lose the attention of the students, to modify or cease instructional activities, or to deal with student complaints.

Use this visual to understand the dress and grooming expectations:

Dress and grooming standards apply to PE class time and school-wide outdoor activities.   Students traveling away from the school campus but on a school-related activity (field trip, academic contest, etc.) must follow dress and grooming standards as they represent SSMS while participating in the event.

The following are deemed inappropriate at SSMS: 

  • items advertising, promoting, and likenesses of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs
  • clothing, jewelry, accessories, and piercings which are conspicuous, extreme, or that draw undue attention or disruption
  • hats, beanies, or headgear worn in the building (anything that fully covers the top or back of the head) unless a schoolwide hat day has been established
  • gang-related clothing, colors, and paraphernalia
  • tattoos that would interrupt school decorum or adversely affect the educational process must be covered or removed
  • writing/drawing on the body (this reflects great misuse of educational time, students will be required to wash clean)
  • wearing pajamas/pajama pants and/or slippers (exception: 8th grade wears pj pants made in home ec class one day together as a group)

It is impossible to include every fad and type of clothing/accessory in a dress and grooming description.  If a student is asked by school personnel to change clothing and/or make adjustments to grooming choices because of violation of school expectations, cooperation is expected.  In the event of a question or grey area of definition, administration will make the final decision as to whether there is a violation of expectation or not.  

Parent support is crucial in helping the school maintain consistency in managing the dress and grooming expectations. Please take notice of what your child has chosen to wear to school before they leave the house each morning. Require that they are dressed in accordance with school expectations. As cute or trendy as some clothing/jewelry items are, not all are conducive to promoting a successful and focused learning environment. We appreciate your understanding and support.


Consequences for not adhering to the dress and grooming standards include:

1st offense: verbal warning, student required to change/remove whatever is in violation

2nd offense: verbal warning, student required to change/remove whatever is in violation, possible detention

3rd offense: parent notification, student required to change/remove whatever is in violation, possible detention

4th and subsequent offenses: parent conference scheduled, 1-10 day suspension, behavior contract put in place upon return to school