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Amendment ONE (change in planned budget amounts)

Goal #1, action plan step 3- Maintain certified staffing ($25,000). District funds were made available to cover nearly all of this amount. The council would like to move $11,000 of the $25,000 planned for this item to Goal #1, action plan step 8 (current amount $1,000, new amount after amendment $12,000)- Replace/Repair current technology devices and materials as needed for student use in the classroom based on the following evidence and justification:

It has been discovered through focused projects and data collection of the school's academic and mental health counseling programs, that students who participate in music instruction find greater academic success resulting in higher end-of-quarter grades/GPA and proficient or above proficient performance on end of year testing. We would like to add additional instruments (technology) and materials to our music program to help provide opportunities for participation to a higher number of students in the school. Participation in this program helps provide students with experiences to apply math and science skills and knowledge as well as increase personal confidence, ability to focus, and greater self-discipline.


Amendment TWO (new planned expenditure)

Goal #1, new action plan step- Technology, Hardware > $5,000: requested amount of $3,100
Purchase Chromebook charging carts to house student devices to prevent need of students taking devices home (unless there is a determined need by a teacher for homework). Doing so prevents potential damage, devices being misplaced or lost, and other cosmetic problems from happening. Keeping the devices at school guarantees they are fully charged and ready for the next day of school. Keeping the devices at school also helps prevent students from using school provided devices to look at inappropriate images/content while at home.