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School Plan 2021-2022 - South Sevier MD

Goal #1 


Assure learning and academic achievement to show a minimum of 5% increase in the number of students achieving proficiency on end of year testing from Spring 2021 to Spring 2022.

Academic Areas 





Social Studies 


1. RISE benchmark, interim, and summative assessments 

2. Number of students with passing grades/demonstration of mastery of essential skills at the end of each grading period 

Action Plan Steps 

1. Maintain a 5 hour per day instructional assistant to assist students in all tested subject areas and provide afternoon interventions or supports

2. Maintain a 5.5 hour per day instructional assistant to assist students in all tested subject areas and provide afternoon interventions or supports

3. Maintain current certified teaching staff by covering 0.4 FTE of our least expensive teacher to aid in reduction of class sizes in all content areas

*The 20-21 plan included monies to cover 18.45% of the salary/benefits of one teacher.  This amount was able to be covered by the district but with the notice that in the 21-22 school year, a 0.4 FTE cut must be made. To save this cut in staffing, the $11,600 planned for the 20-21 plan will be rolled over to 21-22 for the purpose of maintaining staffing.

4. Cover costs for at least one academic field trip per grade level (teachers submit proposal explaining purpose of trip and connection to curriculum standards/benefit to student learning with participation, maximum $1,000 per grade level)

5. Purchase student licenses for the Lanschool deceive management tool to promote on-task academic behaviors and appropriate use of one-to-one devices

6. Provide teacher development in the areas of grading, assessment, and other best practices of instruction

7. Purchase materials/Provide experiences that aid the school PBIS social emotional health initiatives and education

*Continual efforts to support student/teacher social emotional health results in improved student behavior, attitudes, effort, and overall well-being.  When these needs are addressed, the ability to learn and retain is more achievable.

8. Replace/Repair current technology devices and materials as needed for student use in the classroom


Planned Expenditures Enter the following for each expenditure in the goal.

Expenditure Category

Action Plan Item Number


People: Salaries/Benefits


Goal 1, item 1


People: Salaries/Benefits


Goal 1, item 2


People: Salaries/Benefits


Goal 1, item 3

Not needed due to increased enrollment WPU


Field Trips

(1000 per grade)

Goal 1, item 4

$ 3,000

Technology: Software


Goal 1, item 5

$ 2,400

Professional Development

(Solution Tree Conference)

Goal 1, item 6



(character ed)

Goal 1, item 7

$ 2,000

Technology: Related Supplies


Goal 1, item 8

$ 1,000





Amount Awarded 21-22



Roll-Over 20-21





Total for 21-22




Planned Expenditures for 21-22




Total Rollover for 22-23





Digital Citizenship/Safety Principles Component

Does this academic goal include a component to implement digital citizenship or safety principles?

Yes    No


Estimated Carry-over (as needed if the carry-over is >10%)

Carry-over from the 2020-2021 year is greater than 10% in support of a 2-year plan to help maintain staffing.  In 2020-2021, district funds ended up being available to cover all certified staffing costs rather than requiring the anticipated Trustlands funds to cover the amount.  This amount is now being rolled over to the 2021-2022 school year to cover the guaranteed staffing cost shortage of approximately $25,000.

Funding Changes

If expenditures in a plan are provided through a different funding source, making funds available to implement the goals in this plan, how will the funds be used differently to implement this plan?

If extra funds are available or added, efforts to improve our reading interventions programming would be of top priority.  Curriculum, programs, and other materials would be deeply researched to identify the most proven and effective options.  Identifying educational opportunities for students in the world of STEM would be the next priority. Although a small portion of the budget is already being dedicated to that or social emotional well-being, further materials and experiences for students in regards to this element of their education would be considered.



The proposed budget will be posted on the school website, shared as part of the annual back to school information in August 2021, and available in the main office in the format of a paper flyer upon request.



Please indicate the voting results to approve this school plan.

Number that approved: 9

Number that did not approve: 0

Number absent: 0