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Sunrise 6:13 am
Sunset 8:36 pm

South Sevier Middle School
Community Council Meeting

Council Members in attendance:
School: Paul McCormick, Michelle Nielson, Bryce Twitchell
Parents: Libby Abraham, Becky Bastian, Cindy Riddle, Jackie Patterson, Rinatta

Council Members not in attendance:
School: Gina Meacham
Parents: Denisa

Chairman: Jackie Patterson
Vice Chairman: Libby Abraham
Parent/Licensed Employee: Becky Bastian

School Happenings/Celebrations
Birthday Selfies :)

Assembly-Braxton Nielson
Outstanding message for students! Thanks to Mike Willes at the district office for arranging the presenter.
Braggin’ for Brownies
6th grade-ALL students attended and/or parents were contacted via phone for conference
7th grade-12 students didn’t attend
8th grade- 11 students didn’t attend
School total: 93% attendance
Appointments are a good idea. Extra activities, etc. makes kids excited to go and makes it easier for parents to go, Extra credit would be a good idea.
Flex Program
Percent of students with mastery has increased by a minimum of 8% or more in all grade levels and on all big rock essential skills. One highlight is 6th grade math focusing on the skill of writing expressions-students demonstrating mastery went from 74% to 94.5%
Still working on how to best provide math and LA teachers with time for materials prep and data evaluation/collection
Feedback from parents- have your students come home with any opinions (good or bad?) What questions do you have? Generally positive from the parents’ perspective. Mr. Twitchell - getting feedback from students: what teacher they get for flex, etc.
Holiday Dance Program
Scheduled for Tuesday, December 18th at 6:00
Flex program on hold to accommodate dance practice

School Improvement Plan
Major Elements for Improvement
Literacy/Numeracy Flex Interventions Program
PLC process/purpose
Questions/Concerns from committee members?

Digital Citizenship
Social Studies Department tasked with developing a presentation concerning digital citizenship, will be presented upon return from Christmas break

Where does the responsibility of the school lie in educating students in the following:
Overuse of technology and effects on learning
Social Media
Show cause and effect (colleges and employers looking into social media accounts), Maybe bringing in someone who has used social media positively, or has been hurt by it. Teach resiliency along with not bullying. The word “bullying” is used too often. Look into the Cyber videos from the Boy Scouts. Talking about the dangers of it with the students. Using passwords and helping with “sneaking” to download things, or use screens. “White Ribbon Week” coming up.