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Sunrise 6:07 am
Sunset 8:57 pm

South Sevier Middle School
Community Council
10/15/19, 3:15-4:00

Council Members in Attendance
Parents: Renate Anderson, Jaqueline Patterson, Cindy Riddle, Denisa Holcomb
School Representatives: Michelle Nielson, Paul McCormick, Gina Meacham

Council Members Not in Attendance
Parents: Becky Bastian, Libby Abraham
School Representatives: Bryce Twitchell

Welcome Back! SSMS is still working to be a people oriented school. It’s a never ending process.

Training Video

School Happenings
me2we>>>>>Building a Stronger Me!
August: Getting Ready to Build a Stronger Me                  January: I am Resilient
September: I am Positive Minded                                       February: I will Focus on the Good
October: I am Proud                                                              March: I am Brave
November: I am Strong                                                         April: I am Willing to Try Hard Things
December: I am Focused                                                      May: I am Happy with Life

Credit Recovery
Failing grades in core classes
Student accountability of necessary skills for success
It’s not about the grade, but all about the skills!

Parent Teacher Conferences
October 31st
Braggin’ for Brownies and Raffle Drawings

One to One Technology
Every classroom equipped with chromebooks, ipads, or guaranteed access to computer labs

New Building!
Update on plans

Review 2019-2020 Budget



Next meeting set for Tuesday, January 14