41.97 Feels Like 41.97
Sunrise 7:30 am
Sunset 7:40 pm

Call to Order: 3:22pm


Attending:  Selena Terry, Ryan Harris, Rochelle Crane, Mandy Larsen, Corryn Myers, Stephanie Anderson, McKenzie Pollaehne, Trampas Williams, Mick Mullen


  • Review and approval of minutes from 9/15/21 Meeting
  • Update on Parent Organization
    • Parent volunteer form was sent out at the beginning of the school year
    • Suggestion of contacting those on the form to provide needs for different activities throughout the year.
    • Look at needs for next year
    • Discussed ways to get different student groups involved
  • School Report
    • Purpose is to help start discussion for trustlands budget
    • School Demographics, highly qualified teachers, additional faculty and staff, assessment results (Math, Language Arts, Science) discussed
    • School Improvement Plan Goals
      • #1- Improve grade level proficiency in Math, Language Arts, and Science by 2% each year, and a growth percentile of 40%.
        • Trustlands money spent for software (imagine learning), extensions, Instructional Assistants, Professional Development
      • #2- Improvement in Social Studies, History, Fine Arts
        • Percussion extension and possible other extensions discussed
    • Schools-to-Watch
      • Designation and recognition discussed
      • Question about how we got involved
      • Helps guide our work at our school
    • PBIS
      • ROAR 
  • Trustlands Budget discussed
  • Question about how to help those that are struggling to meet proficiency goals
  • Question about school pictures and process of selecting vendor discussed
  • Upcoming activities and next meeting time discussed


Adjourned: 4:03pm