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Sunrise 7:30 am
Sunset 7:40 pm

Call to Order: 3:19pm


Attending: Trampas Williams, Selena Terry, Miguel Echeverria, Lindsay Manning, Ashley DeMille, Angela Taylor, McKenzie Pollaehne, Rochelle Crane, Stefanie Anderson, 


  • Approval and Review of Minutes
  • Parent Organization Discussion
    • Pros and Cons with PTSA and PTO discussed
    • PTSA
      • Lots of requirements
      • Meetings
      • Member dues
      • Part of a national organization
      • Manage own financial account, doesn’t need district approval to spend funds.
      • Paperwork, and forms required
    • PTO
      • Ran through the school
      • Not as much paperwork
      • Fundraisers would be required
      • Every expenditure would be run through school approval
      • Student involvement in leading fundraisers and activities
      • Fundraisers would need to be approved by the board
    • Questions about purpose of PTSA on a national level, and about fundraising conflicts
    • Technical changes discussed
    • Motion and approval to move to a PTO for the 2021-2022 school year
  • Proposed trustlands plan for 2021-2022 School Year
    • Website down with the proper forms, discussed how we would need to fill out forms in the future
    • Question about extended classes discussed
    • District funding and 26:1 ratio discussed 
    • School Goals #1 and #2 discussed along with Action Plan steps for both goals
    • Planned expenditures discussed
      • Questions about field trips
    • Summary of estimated expenditures discussed
    • Funding estimates discussed
      • Carry over due to no travel last year discussed
    • Questions/Suggestions of orchestra, dance, or other fine arts as an elective option for students
      • Technology and consumables from Makerspace discussed
    • Motion made to approve School Trustlands Plan for 2021-2022, unanimous approval of plan by all attending.
  • PBIS/ReThinkED social emotional learning discussed
    • 7 Mindsets will be replaced by district funded ReThinkEd SEL program
    • Scope and sequence of what will be taught discussed
    • Request for home connection for ReThinkEd for parents to lead discussions at home
  • Mask discussion and updates on Covid-19 safety measures
  • Meeting adjourned at 4:19pm