2000 - Personnel

2150 - TRAVEL

TRAVEL                                         2150

1.     PURPOSE

1.1     The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for authorization of
travel by District employees or officials who may be required to travel in fulfilling
their official duties or in attending seminars, conferences or other professional or
educational activities benefitting the District.


2.1    Prior Approval:  All employee travel on District business (except student
activities), whether reimbursed by the District or not, must have prior
approval with appropriate signatures.

2.2    Reimbursement:  Requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by
original receipts for all expense except those for which flat allowance
amounts are established (i.e., per diem or mileage).  Reimbursements
must be submitted no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the travel.


3.1    Travel advance are available no more than ten business days in advance
of travel.

3.2    Travel advance may be made for approved travel costs.

3.3    The District strives to provide on-the-job transportation for employees who
must travel in connection with their job responsibilities.  If it should become
necessary for the employee to use his/her personal transportation, such vehicle
use will be compensated at the rate established by the Board of Education.  The
current reimbursement rate established by the Board of Education is .45 cents
per mile.

3.4    This mileage reimbursement must be approved in advance in writing by
the Director of Transportation or the employee’s supervisor and the source of
funding for the reimbursement must also be identified in the approval.  The
employee must acknowledge that mileage reimbursements paid to them by the
District for using a personal vehicle for District business is, in part, meant to
reimburse the employee for all costs of operating the vehicle including insurance
on the vehicle.  The employee is required to have contacted his or her auto
insurance company to determine if the employee’s existing personal auto
insurance coverage is sufficient to provide coverage to them in the event of an
accident while using the employee’s personal vehicle for District business and if it
is not that the employee has purchased additional insurance for business use of
the auto.   The employee must acknowledge this requirement and affirm
compliance with this requirement in obtaining the advance approval for mileage
reimbursement and also in submitting a reimbursement claim where a mileage
reimbursement is claimed.

3.5    When district transportation is available and the employee makes the
decision to not use district transportation no reimbursement will be made for use
of private vehicles.  The employee acknowledges that his or her decision to use a
personal vehicle relieves the District from any responsibility in the event of an
accident or malfunction of their personal vehicle, except as may be otherwise
required by statute.

Approved     04/20/16

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