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Community Council minutes from the meeting on November 16. 2022

Those in attendance were Kylie Burgess, Tammy Okerlund, Sarah Mecham, Kayleen Lyman, Angela Johnson, Rod Hinck and Paul Mecham by phone

We approved the minutes for the September 28, 2022 meeting. 

The first item we discussed was NSMS Digital Citizenship. We talked about the cell phone policy and how we allow phones only at the beginning and end of school and this has cut down on a lot of our problems that would happen with phones during lunch. Every students is checked out an individual chromebook.  We also have 2 imac labs.  We have white ribbon week each year that focuses on internet safety. 

We also use a program called Lanschool now that helps the teachers push out websites to be used and block others that may get in the way.  This helps block kids from doing things they are not supposed to be doing during individual classes.  Such as games etc.  Talked about the filters and how they do stop most things but are not perfect so any additional tools ae helpful.

We then talked about School Safety.  We discussed our safety and emergency plans. Mr. Hinck discussed drills that we have already performed this year including fire drills and lock down drills.  We discussed mental health and the pieces we have in place including the Kindness Club, HOPE Squad, SAFEUT, and our Mental Health Specialist. Each year we have Red Ribbon Week, Kindness Week and HOPE Squad Week to keep the reminders of kindness and benefits of a drug free life. We also discussed safety protocols of checking students in and out of the office and visitor badges being worn. We also talked about Staff training regarding abuse and being aware of our surroundings

Not part of the official meeting, nut we then discussed upcoming dates and times of various school breaks.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 with a proposal by Mr. Hinck and seconded by all.

Next meeting is February 8, 2023.