Welcome to Child Nutrition Services. We are honored to partner with Sevier School District and the community of Sevier County, Utah to provide healthy, balanced, and scrumptious meals to our customers. We offer excellent customer service while promoting nutrition and wellness. 

All meals served must meet standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture. Each school meal is carefully planned with students' likes and dislikes taken into careful consideration. Meals are aligned with current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and meet criteria for different age groups. A variety of different foods are offered each day with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and fat-free flavored milk or 1% white milk. 

All schools within Sevier County, Utah are Offer vs. Serve schools meaning students may choose to take all items provided or may choose from three of the five items with one of the three items being a fruit or vegetable. 

We are committed to working with students and parents who may have dietary restrictions or allergies. Please click on this link (Special Meal Request Form)  to complete the required forms to accommodate those needs. Please work closely with your area manager to ensure your child's accommodations are met. 

Food safety and sanitation play a vital role in the daily operations of our school cafeterias. All of our Child Nutrition Managers and site leads have successfully completed a Serv-Safe Food safety and sanitation course and test which is recognized by the Utah Department of Health. Each Child Nutrition professional possesses a current Food Handler Permit and regular training is conducted to ensure that food safety and sanitation are upheld through each meal service. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out and connect with us. https://www.seviersd.org/index.php/topdepartments/child-nutrition/contact-us.html

Thank you for your support. We invite you to join us for breakfast or lunch anytime. 


Kathy Torok and the entire Child Nutrition Team