Salina Elementary

                                                                          TSSA Expenditures



  1. TSSA FUNDS-$18,297.00

TSSA  funds were used to hire a half day fourth grade teacher.

  • How does this relate to School Improvement Plan:

           Hiring Instructional Assistants relates directly to our SIP.

          Our SIP states:

          “We recognize that early intervention is crucial for students who have been 

identified as at-risk learners.   Our goal is to provide early intervention in small 

groups of students in grades K-5 to ensure academic success.  School LAND Trust money will be used to hire Instructional Assistants to help address the needs to identified struggling students.”

  • How will we measure success?

Success will be determined by if our SIP goal is achieved.

Our SIP goal is as follows:

“Our student academic performance goals at Salina Elementary are based on the

 percent of students proficient on the Spring 2020 RISE assessment.  Our

 Language Arts and Science goal is 60% proficient and our Math goal is to have

 70% proficient.