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Pahvant Elementary School TSSA Plan and Budget 2023-2024

2023-2024 Allocation and Use: $96,615 

1.  Provide support for struggling learners. 

Funds will provide salaries and benefits for personnel working with struggling learners in our literacy and math intervention programs.  This program provides services for students who are not meeting grade-level proficiency or growth goals as well as provides opportunities for students benefiting from accelerated opportunities.  Staff members working with struggling students use a variety of instructional techniques, utilizing small groups, individual instruction, and computer-assisted programs.  Services are provided during the school day.  

Instructional assistant(s) were hired 

2. Assist all students in meeting reading, math, and science goals.

Funds will be leveraged to help all students achieve math goals. Support for the reading, math, and science programs will be provided by purchasing software programs, and other instructional supplies, technology hardware, and materials as needed to supplement instruction and to provide timely student reports and parent communication. Students will be offered additional support to provide them with strengthened opportunities in math and or reading concepts being taught, parents will be invited to support their children. Furniture items will be purchased as necessary to provide desks, tables, seating, etc. for academic areas. Rewards and or incentives will be purchased to support academic programs. We have hired support staff to work with students to improve their social and emotional well-being.  Funds will be used to create a culture of belonging, “What does it mean to be a True Wildcat?” This all supports a well-rounded academic atmosphere. Materials that help support a sense of belonging to our school community will be purchased to support this effort. 

PBIS was implemented school-wide using TSSA funds, Materials and incentives were purchased accordingly”

3.  Offer opportunities for teachers and administrators to participate in professional development offerings and to work in collaborative teams to plan for and improve learning opportunities. 

Funds will be utilized to provide substitutes to allow teachers to plan collaboratively during the regular school day.  Monies will also be used to pay for professional development seminars and travel expenses, as well as school-level professional development opportunities. Teachers will be paid a training rate for additional training time/planning/collaboration time above contractual obligations to meet students' needs as related to the stated goals in this plan.

4.    Assist our robotics and coding program, including staffing, services, transportation, and supplies.

5.   Funds will be used to improve, enhance, or add the following key components of our school plan:  Instructional Supplies/Professional Development/Software/Technology Related Hardware/Equipment/Rewards, and/or salaries and benefits.

6.    We will bolster support for students in learning science-related content.

  • Science academic field experiences will be provided including travel and associated admission expenses. Field experiences will be aligned with student learning specific to the grade-level core curriculum. 
  • Science materials will be purchased as related to each grade level’s curriculum. 


Connection to School Improvement Plan:

 Academic Goals:

Students will achieve a minimum proficiency as follows: 55% ELA, 65% Mathematics, and 55% Science. Also, at least 80 % of students will achieve one year’s growth in ELA, Mathematics, and Science.  Anticipated to be completed by June 1, 2024.

Success Criteria and Measurement:

Success will be measured by the extent our SIP goals listed above are achieved.