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 Academic Goals:

Goal #1: Students will achieve a minimum proficiency as follows: 55% ELA, 65% Mathematics, and 55% Science. Also that at least 80 % of students will achieve one year’s growth in ELA, Mathematics, and Science.


Planned Steps:

Trust Lands funding will support the academic goals in the following ways:


1.    Hire 6-7 IA to work with students as well as a portion of our mental health coordinators  

        these funds will work in coordination with TSSA and Title I budgets


  • We will purchase Software programs and Materials to support instruction
  • Illuminate Ed. Will be purchased to support our RTI process 
  • Colored ink will be purchased to print student reports and some learning materials
  • Home communicators will be purchased  for students to utilize in transporting student learning materials and to improve home communication
  • Books will be purchased to provide and sustain a highly engaging take-home library
  • Incentives will be purchased to support reading, math, and social-emotional programs (no more than $2.00 per awarded student).
  • Funds will be utilized to purchase and upgrade computer equipment and software to enhance instruction. This will include technology hardware such as iPad, Projectors, Document Cameras, Chromebooks, TVs, including repairs etc. 


3.  We will provide opportunities for teachers and administrators to participate in professional development and to work in collaborative teams to plan for and improve student learning. 

  • Funds will be utilized to hire substitutes to allow teachers to plan collaboratively during the regular school day as well as to cover classes during  PD opportunities.  
  • Professional development seminars including travel expenses will be covered
    • RTI and PLC Training
    • Researched based reading, math, and science training opportunities will be provided
    • Opportunities for training as it relates to social and emotional support and PBIS
  • Teachers will be paid the training rate for additional training, planning, and collaboration time above contractual obligations to meet students’ needs as related to the stated goals in this plan.


4.      We will  support  our Arts Programs as it supports our math and science curriculum

  • We will use funds to hire a part-time music specialist and to pay a portion of our visual arts instructor's salary, in coordination with the BTS Arts Grant. 
  • We will also utilize funds to purchase music and art supplies as it relates to our science goals.

5.       We will bolster support for students in learning science-related content.

  • Science academic field experiences will be provided including travel and associated admission expenses. Field experiences will be aligned to student learning specific to the grade-level core curriculum. 
  • Science materials will be purchased as related to each grade level’s curriculum. 
  • We will purchase coding materials and fund the training and implementation of our robotics program in coordination with our awarded grant from Sevier School District as it relates to our science goals.


Measuring Progress Towards Goals:

  • RISE Benchmarks will be used to measure progress towards achieving proficiency in each area as follows: 55% ELA, 65% Mathematics, and 55% Science. Also that at least 80 % of students will achieve one year’s growth in ELA, Mathematics, and Science.
  • RISE End-of-Level Assessments will be used to measure success towards our proficiency goals as follows: 55% ELA, 65% Mathematics, and 55% Science. Also that at least 80 % of students will achieve one year’s growth in ELA, Mathematics, and Science.


Plans for Expenditures of Increased Distribution


Any additional funds will be used to improve or enhance the following key components of our school plan: Instructional Supplies/Professional Development/Software/Technology Related Hardware/Equipment and/or salaries and benefits.


How does this relate to the school improvement/strategic plan?


Key academic goals outlined in the Pahvant Elementary School Improvement Plan are to ensure that all students read proficiently at grade level, possess grade-level mathematics skills, and acquire effective writing competencies. Trust Lands funding will be utilized to support reading, math, and writing instruction at all levels throughout the school.

Behavioral Component

During the 2018-19 school year, we were able to hire a refocus coordinator which serves as academic support as well as social and emotional support to our students. The elementary years are a time when students develop and acquire attitudes toward school, self-peer social groups, and family. School behavior intervention programs provide education on prevention and intervention services which are incorporated into all aspects of children's lives. Early identification and intervention of children's academic, personal, social needs are essential in removing barriers to learning and promoting academic achievement. We have hired part-time support staff to improve the social,  emotional, and academic well-being of our students.