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The Following is a summary of how the Trust Lands Funds were utilized at Pahvant Elementary during the 2019-2020 School year. ($79,909 was allocated during the 2019-2020 school year)


Instructional Assistants were hired to support our flex group program at Pahvant Elementary as part of our RTI program. Assistants also supported our efforts with PBIS and provided social skills support to improve instructional time to allow all students to learn.  Funds also supported our early morning choir for 4th and 5th grades.


Field experiences were afforded to our students in relation to our science standards. Busses and related fees were covered for these opportunities. 


Teachers were provided common planning time during the school day as well as during non contractual time to enhance student learning.

Money was also used for professional development. Teachers participated in workshops to continue their education and to stay current with best practices. Substitute teachers were hired to allow for teacher collaboration as well.


Software programs were purchased to enhance the learning experience through multiple learning styles and abilities.  Technology hardware was purchased in connection with state initiatives and has been implemented with great success.


Student/ parent communicator folders were purchased for each student to increase home and school communication. 


Funds were also utilized to pay a portion of our BTS Arts Specialist in conjunction with district funds.


Chromebooks were purchased in an effort to increase student learning time as it relates to state, district, and school initiatives 


Earbuds were purchased to support our students in hearing and utilizing online programs. 


Books were purchased to support our home reading program.