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Chad Johnson

Mark F. Stewart

Wes Blake

Stefanie Anderson

Korolina Kukulka

Branton Nielson

Sara Harcourt

Jessica Jensen


Not in attendance:

Karren Allen

Jenny Thalman

Jeanna Ogden

C- Explanation of Trustlands Money, How money can be spent, where the money comes from

TSSA money vs. Title I money vs. Trustlands money

C- Calendar Items and communication 

C- Discussion of past expenditures (robotics and coding)

Watched video on school trust

Communication form to pass around

Sa- Does every school have access to trustland funding

C- Explanation of how money is delegated across the state

C- Explanation of Essential standard and RTI

K- How is the money delegated

C- Money per pupil across the state

C- Carryover is 10% or less, why more than that is inappropriate 

C- The carryover from last year was significantly based on school closer

J- How will homeschooling impact the budget

C- There were things we couldn’t do because of mitigating circumstances, i.e. choir 

Sa- How many students did be lose based on COVID

C- Around 13, but some of those were not due to COVID

C- Social implications of not being in school 

St- What about masks? When can they come off?

C- Governor and local health department

C- Explanation of School Compact

J- Appreciate outside duty people

St- I send my kids to school for the social

C- Trust Lands Plan 20-21 

Explanation of goals and examples of academic percentages

Explanation of planned steps

J- Shared example of her daughter winning the Amazon fire from funding delegated toward rewards

C- BTS funding, Science, admission expenses, materials are all expenditures 

C- Behavior Component- Explanation of refocus coordinator, Wildcat den, assisting students with emotional support, shared examples of what they do

Discussion of the well being of our students, academics vs. social support

C- Second step explanation

C- explanation of trustlands website being redone so next meeting, we will look at expenditures

C- Explanation of things we purchased with money

C- Explanation of the Budget Proposal 2020/21

C- Melissa Udy, her responsibilities

C- Will discuss the TSSA budget in the next meeting

C- Chair- Jessica Jensen, V. Chair Karolina Kukulka

Discussion of everyone’s responsibilities on the committee

C- Parent Involvement Policy explanation

C- Watch for emails from state for digital signature

C- We have amazing teachers that care for their students

Walk-through of Wildcat Den