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Pahvant Elementary School Community Council Schedule 2023-2024


2023/2024-25 Elections 

  • Notice of positions available sent home: September 5th
  • Ballots and voting information sent home September 11th
  • Ballots are due back to Pahvant Elementary Office and voting closed September 15th, 2023 @ 3:00 pm


October 12  @ PES PLC Room 3:30-4:45

Current year’s allocations 3 minutes 

Current year's elections and positions 2 minutes 

Current years meeting schedule 3 minutes 

PES Parent Engagement Policy Review 5 minutes 

Questions and concerns 20 minutes

Prior Years School Data and current goals: 10 minutes

School-wide Title I Plan approval 10 minutes 

Welcome New Members 2 minutes 

Training video etc.  10 minutes


Finalize prior years plan to be submitted to State Trust Lands Committee 

5 minutes 

TSSA (Teachers and Students’ Succeed Act) Funds