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Sunrise 7:13 am
Sunset 6:10 pm

Community Council



Members in Attendance: Rebecca Damron, Joe DeLucca, Chris Shaddix, Brock Jackson,Wesley Blake, Chad Johnson, Tia Lund, and Karren Allen.

Business Items:

  1. Welcome 
  1. Welcome to the meeting.
  2. Watch Trust Lands video.
  3. Discuss where school funds come from
  1. Title I  Federal Program  $120,000 - $130,000, has lots of by laws

a. 13 IAs are paid with Title I funds 

b.  IA in every classroom during reading and math

  1. Trust Lands  State Program  almost $100,000.
  1. $11,000 carry-over in the budget
  2. More than anticipated because IAs took off unpaid days and money stays in account
  3. Will not have as much carry-over this year
  1. TSSA  new budget allocated directly to the school $85,000

a.  School Psychologist is paid with TSSA

b.  $49,000 carryover from last year


  1. Academic Goals on the Trust Lands Plan
  1. Look at school RISE data to compare Pahvant data with other districts on Data Gateway.

1. In 2021-- 

  1. State  Language Arts  44%     Math    41%     Science  44%
  2. Sevier District     LA   46%     Math    46%     Science   45% 
  3. Pahvant              LA   51%     Math    59%     Science   48%

2. In  2020-

  1. State  Language Arts  44%     Math    472%     Science  44
  2. Sevier District     LA   48%     Math    46%     Science   45%  
  3. Pahvant              LA   49.3%     Math    59%     Science   41.4%

     B.  Acadience Reading Data-  Pahvant in top 5 in the State.  In 2021 up 7%

     C.  Current Trust Lands Plan goal  ELA  55%, Math  65%, Science    55%


III. Mental Health & Social/Emotional of students is a big focus.

  1. Refocus Coordinators
  1. 3 ladies and Cliff Whatcott, School Psychologist
  2. They are only positive & uplifting.  Facilitate breaks for students.

     B.  Chad & Tia are used as needed when punitive measures are needed.

C.  More emphasis is placed on emotional health in school than in the past 

     D.  Asked parents how their children feel about being here

  1. Very positive comments.
  2. Testing is hard for some students.
  3. Liked breaks during RISE testing.
  4. Liked the calming techniques in the Second Step Program.

    E.  Students no longer miss fun activities- art, PE, music, library, science- to participate

         in interventions.

    F.  Kids do not think they are the dumb one in the group. Many kids are pulled out

        during the day for short periods of time all over the building, and students don’t 

        know why.


IV.  Elect Chairman and Vice-Chairman

  1. Duties-agendas, email reminders
  2. Sara Harcourt, Chairman
  3. Joe DeLucca, Vice-Chairman


V.  Art, Music, Choir

  1. Art & music for every student all year.
  2. Choir- any 4th or 5th grade student can join.


VI.  Last year’s breakfast program

  1. Utah Legislature did a pilot last year.
  2. Pahvant was the only elementary school to participate.
  3. Legislature put it on hold because of supply chain issues.


VII.   Doors at the Front in ALL Elementary schools

  1. For school safety  
  2. Just past the front doors and office door, a new set of locked doors was installed.
  3. Cameras in that area.
  4. Teachers will have a badge to open the door into the hallway.
  5. Raelynn opens both doors.
  6. We do a lot to protect your children at Pahvant.



  1. Made a lot of money.
  2. School will get a new, better marque, $13,000.
  3. Tables for under the pavilion- $1,200 each.
  4. Volleyball nets.


IX. Playground equipment

  1. Will do a walk-through with the District in March.
  2. Playground will be replaced in a couple of years.


X. Miscellaneous

  1. Field trips are free.  Donations are accepted for Gooseberry.
  2. Fun Run will be held yearly to fund more field trips.
  3. Fun Run will also fund t-shirts for all students and teachers.
  4. Minutes of this meeting will be posted on the Pahvant Elementary website.


XI.  Next Meeting will be scheduled for January 24th at 3:30.