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Sunrise 7:13 am
Sunset 6:10 pm

Community Council



Members in Attendance:  Joe DeLucca, Chris Shaddix, Brock Jackson,  Chad Johnson, and Karren Allen.


Members not in Attendance:  Rebecca Damron, Wesley Blake, and Tia Lund. 

Business Items:

  1. Welcome 
  1. Welcome to the meeting.
  2. Review minutes from the last meeting.


  1. Background for adjusting Trust Lands Plan
  1. Beverly Taylor-Sorenson Arts Program
  1. Used to have only music- now we have music and art. 
  2. Music is 1 time weekly, beginning in October.  
  3. Art is 1 time weekly all year.
  4. Before school Choir program for 4th & 5th grade students.
  5. Funded through Trust Lands.
  6. TSSA, Title I,and Trust Lands funds fluctuate yearly and are based on the school population of the prior school year.  160 students came up from Ashman this year and 190 students are coming next year.

     B.  Gooseberry Experience for 3rd grade students will no longer be overnight.  All 

 other activities will remain the same.



  1. $85,000 from last year for this year.
  2. Community & School Pride Program 
  1. February 6th will be the reveal of the program to Pahvant
  2. Students from the High School will participate in this activity.
  3. Every student and teacher will receive a new Wild Cat t-shirt.
  4. Businesses will participate by giving Wild Cat Cards to students they see doing good things in the community.
  5. Students wearing their Wild Cat t-shirt will be admitted to ball games and other activities for free.
  6. Desire to create a sense of belonging in school & the community
  7. Create a culture of a “True Wild Cat”, a fictious animal, but branded by the High School
  8. Help with attendance and behavior
  9. Generate positive feelings within the students




IV.  Trust Lands Plan

  1. Mental health of our students is of utmost importance
  2. Incentives
  3. Academic Goals
  1. ELA  51%, 2% increase
  2. Math  59%, 0% increase
  3. Science  48%, 7% increase

D.  Arts program to support Math and Science curriculums

  1. BTS amount to be determined by this legislative session
  2. The District paid our share for the arts teacher, approximately $13,000

E.  Instructional Assistants (IAs)

  1. 3 more IAs this year than ever before

a.  $13,000 yearly with an Associates Degree

b.  $20,000 yearly with a Bachelor’s Degree

  1. Last 3 hired are 1-2 years out of High School
  2. Work 29 ½ hr/week
  3. Can make $13/hr at Walmart; will be $17.95 with minimum wage increase
  4. Council member asked about retention, which is really pretty good
  5. All classified employees are on a salary schedule
  6. Many are not here for the pay, but the experience
  7. 1-2 IA positions are opened yearly

F. Budget Focuses

  1. Professional Development for teachers
  2. Hiring support staff- 80% of the budget
  3. Computer programs, such as iReady, we pay part of the cost
  4. What is done with the money?
  1. Pays for RTI- interventions for students who struggle with math or reading
  2. Extensions for students who are profîcient
  3. Parent question-Why we do not teach past grade-level standards?  We want these students to understand the concepts at a broader, deeper level.


V.  Trust Lands Plan for this year

  1.  Very similar to last year’s plan, if approved by the Council
  2.  Carry-over-  10% is allowed
  3.  Each Council member will receive an email with this year’s plan and budget


VI.      TSSA Funds

  1. Not a set yearly amount
  2. Plan to have a larger carry-over from these funds.


VII.   SB 215 Discussion

  1. Provides $8,000 scholarship and school choice.
  2. The way students are educated is more of a concern.
  3. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, if not regulated.
  4. Tuition is usually more expensive than $8,000.
  5. More affluent families take their students out of public schools.
  6. Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is a concern.
  7. Includes $4,600 pay increase and $1,400 benefits increase for teachers.


VIII. Breakfast questions

  1. Students do have to pay for breakfast.
  2. Students are allowed to bring their own breakfast and eat in the lunchroom.


IX. Positive Parent Comments

  1. They are grateful for all the work Pahvant does to help and support their children and all the students at Pahvant.


X. Next Meeting will be scheduled for February 15th at 3:30.

  1. Can come together to discuss and vote
  2. Or, we can receive the finalized Trust Lands Plan and Budget by email, and send our individual responses to Mr. Johnson by email.