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Sunrise 6:11 am
Sunset 8:38 pm

Community Council


Members in Attendance: Rebecca Damron, Stephanie Anderson, Sara Harcourt, Cliff Whatcott,  Wesley Blake, Chad Johnson,  and Karren Allen.

Members not in attendance: Brfanton Nielson, Karolina Kukulka, Marty Robison, Ashley Gates, .

Jessica Jensen, Jenny Thalman, and Tia Lund.


Branton Nielson and Marty Robison are no longer members of the Community Council because they no longer have students at our school.


Business Items:


  1. Welcome and Minutes
  1. Welcome members to the meeting.
  2. Chad & Stephanie, as Chairman of Community Council, attended a meeting at the District Office for Trust Lands.  Our meetings are in order, except we need Rules & Procedures.  Chad will find examples and make an outline for us to look at and develop our own Rules & Procedures.
  3. Review minutes from the last meeting.  They will be posted on the Pahvant Elementary website this week.


  1. School Safety Plan  We have procedures in place that we practice.

A.  Procedure for when we have a Fire Drill vs. what to do when we see a fire. 

B.  Lock-down Drills- Soft vs. Hard, differences explained.

C.  Earthquakes.

D.  All teachers and most IAs have radios.

E.  Accountability plan.

F.   72 working cameras on our campus.

G.  Safety-bullying and student issues.


  1. Digital Citizenship

A.  Training for teachers and students.

B.  How to avoid hazards online.

C.  Being respectful.  It is easy to say things online that you would not say to someone’s


D.  Texting-inappropriate texts & pictures are legal issues.

E.   Legal issues will be dealt with legally; it is not a school issue.  90% of students have a

      phone or tablet.


  1. Science-teachers get $175 from the legislature, and can get $1,000 through Donors Choose, which will be funded immediately.  The State of Utah is accepting the tax liability for this money.  One council member’s daughter did Density Columns in her science class and then came home to share that with her family.  They enjoyed doing it with her.


  1. Review & Finalize Next Year’s Proposed Trust Lands Plan
  1. Title I Plan and the Trust Lands Plan are basically the same; the Title I plan is a summary of the Trust Lands Plan.
  2. 3 sources of money
  1. Each program has its own spending criteria.  All can be used for salaries.
  2. Title I is Federal money, $150,000.  Title I is very restrictive and used exclusively for Salaries & Benefits.  Title I schools have > 50% of the students who receive Free/Reduced Lunch, which includes all the elementaries in our district.  RHS is not because high schools have to meet a different criteria than elementary schools. Funding is based on school population and is allocated based on the number of students enrolled on October 1st.  Next year’s 3rd grade has about 50 fewer students than the 5th grade class we will send to RHMS, but the following year’s class has about 50 more students. 
  3. TSSA is State money.  The program is 2 years old, with lots of latitude with how funds are spent.  We received $61,000 2 years ago and it is supposed to grow about 4% annually.  It does not prohibit carry-over. 
  4. Trust Lands is State money.  We use it for field trips when they can be tied to academics.  Carry-over is limited to 10%.

C.  2022-2023 Trust Lands allotment estimate is $85,339 and changed $1,620 carry-over

     to $5,000.  Currently 6 of our IAs are funded through Trust Lands, which includes the Social/Emotional IAs.  Social/emotional well-being is a huge part of everyone’s lives, especially our children.   

D.  Propose that we use 100% of Trust Lands for salaries & benefits as long as we continue to have TSSA funds.  $80,000 will be used for Salaries & Benefits for 7 support staff; teachers’ team planning;  professional development; robotics club; IAs 2 times a month for teachers professional development $1,500; Travel for field trips- $4,000; General Supplies for color cartridges to print reports and academic supplies- $2,000; Technology for robotics supplies and TVs; for a total of $90,000, with $2,229 carry-over.  

E.  Other expenditures will use TSSA if needed.

F.  Plan for Expenditures of Increased Distribution- Will use on instructional supplies, technology, and salaries & benefits.

G.  If we hire someone from money we control, we pay all salaries and benefits, which last year included UEA requested 7 ½% raise, 4% on WPU, 2 ½% for a bump in insurance costs, and 1% appreciation one time per year.

H.  Will not allocate 4% increase on TSSA funds.


VI. Council Input on proposal–  One member said she felt that Chad knows what is needed at   our school and appreciates all he does to plan.


VII.  New Federally funded breakfast program.

  1. Starting next Monday, all students will be given a continental breakfast in their   classrooms.
  2. 3 items for breakfast, including a fruit or juice box daily.
  3. Currently 60-80 students eat breakfast each day.
  4. Requirement for this program is any school with 30% of their students on Free/Reduced Lunch.
  5. Research has shown if students have not eaten well, they don’t test well.  So, students who have not eaten well, also don’t learn well.


VIII.  Next meeting- February 15, 2022 at 3:30 in the PLC room.