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Sunrise 7:13 am
Sunset 6:10 pm

Community Council


Members in Attendance: Jessica Jensen, Stephanie Anderson, Sara Harcourt, Jenny Thalman, Mick Mullen (Intern), Dani Alvey (Intern),  Wesley Blake, Chad Johnson, Tia Lund, and Karren Allen.

Members not in attendance: Brfanton Nielson, Karolina Kukulka, Marty Robison, Ashley Gates, Rebecca Damron.

Business Items:


  1. Welcome and Minutes
  1. Welcome and introduce new Community Council members and current members to the meeting.
  2. Minutes from this meeting will be posted on the Pahvant Elementary website.
  3. Notice of available positions on Pahvant Elementary Community Council sent home September 8, 2021. 
  4. Ballots due back to Pahvant Elementary Office and voting closed September 24, 2021 at 3:00pm. Have 3 new council members.
  5. Members in attendance viewed the School Land Trust video and signed the Community Membership Signature form.  Those not in attendance need to view the video at home and sign the Community Membership Signature form.
  6. Council members received a copy of next year’s proposed School Land Trust Plan and Budget, Pahvant Elementary Title I Plan and Needs Assessment, Prior Years’ School Data, Summary of last year's expenditures, and the Parent Engagement Policy.


  1. Review & Finalize Next Year’s Proposed Plan
  1. Mr. Johnson explained the funds from Trust Lands and the newer TSSA program.  He discussed how funds were spent last year, changes in which fund pays for school supplies, the amount that can be carried over each year, and the proposed budget for next year.
  2. 2021-2022 Trust Lands allotment estimate is $85,339 with $1,620 carry-over, for $93,339.  $70,936 will be used for Salaries & Benefits to fund the support staff for the Literacy Intervention program and pay for subs and.or IAs needed to support common planning time and staff for the after school robotics program; $3,000 for professional development; Travel/Administration/Printing for field experiences; $6,500 for General Supplies & Software-color printer cartridges for parent reports, science materials, Illuminate-program used to assess mastery of essential skills, and home reading books; $2,000 for Technology related Hardware and other equipment- repair computer equipment, robotics supplies, and TVs; with $6,403 carry-over.
  3. In the past, common team planning time was provided by hiring 7 subs to cover classrooms while grade-level teams had planning time.  There are not enough subs in our district at this time, so finding enough subs to cover for the teachers is not possible.  A parent proposed paying the sub a little more than the district pays to secure enough subs.  We cannot pay subs more than the district does, and we cannot use Trust Lands money to pay for subs.  Trust Lands budget has many spending constraints. 
  4. Now also receive TSSA funds with fewer spending constraints.  This is a good amount of on-going money used to buy all school supplies and a summer school program. 
  5. One of our strengths is our Social/Emotional team.  The weakness is that there are a lot of social/emotional issues in our school. Two people were hired and are paid for with Trust Lands.
  6. Beverly Taylor-Sorenson (BTS) Art Program is ½ year, through December, and Music Program for the rest of the year is paid for through Trust Lands.  Parents continue to see the need for Arts programs.
  7. This summer we will have a summer school program.  It will include 3 hours of reading, math, science robotics and coding instruction, and ½ hour for lunch for current 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students.  Teachers will be paid with TSSA funds.
  8. Budget change-communicators now paid for through TSSA funds.  
  9. Parents, including parents in the community, are very impressed with our refocus coordinators, especially that they are totally used for student support and so positive.
  10. Parent concern- Bullying is increasing.  Social/Emotional personnel use social stories, questioning as to why students do this, and to teach resilience and self-respect.
  11. Council members were asked to look over all the information in their folder, so we can discuss any parts and/or make any changes to the plan or budget.


III. Next meeting- January 25, 2022 at 3:30 in PES faculty room.