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Sunrise 7:13 am
Sunset 6:10 pm


Chad Johnson

Mark F. Stewart

Wes Blake

Sara Harcourt

Jenny Thalman


Not in attendance:

Stefanie Anderson 

Jessica Jensen

Korolina Kukulka

Branton Nielson

Karren Allen

Jeanna Ogden

 Community Council Minutes for 1/13/2021


Discussion of new protocol for COVID and how that impacts our planning, organizing, spacing, etc.


Change in lunchroom protocol, pending numbers


Review of the minutes from last meeting


Explanation of the Wildcat Den- What kids are selected to go there and what do they do when they get there.  Shared ideas of how to minimize the negative stigma that may come from that experience for kids


Discussion of why the plan is written the way it is


Discussion of the budget and spending: Technology, Arts, ELA, Science, Math, Social/Emotional support


Discussion on SEED standards in the new Science core and the way of exploratory learning. Sharing of ideas of what opportunities are available in our community for students to learn. Proposal to increase money (additional $600) for science.


Proposal to add an additional person to Tier 3 to assist with our social-emotional program.  This funding would be in conjunction with TSSA funds.


Discussion on Title I funds, Trust Lands funds, and TSSA. All three goals are the same and we utilize the Trust Lands plan as our school improvement plan. All three budgets work towards our school improvement plan and goals. 


Plan to begin to change out projectors to televisions


Concerns to be more efficient with materials and decrease waste, i.e. paper


Discussion of students having their own device for next year


Explanation:  Plans for expenditures of increased distributions