Ashman Elementary PTO Agenda
March 3, 2023


Lisa Thomas President
Austin Bozzelli Vice – President
Ashley Wilder Secretary
Rochelle Crane Treasurer

Agenda Items:

1. Approval of last meetings minutes

2. PTO Elections
Flyers were sent home last month looking for available candidates
Presidency for the upcoming school year:
President: Haley Turner
Vice President: Ashley Wilder
Kate Goble: Secretary
Treasurer: Jessica Jensen

3. Calendar Items
a. Teacher Appreciation May 1st – 5th
i. Ideas for teacher appreciation

b. Field Day May 17th

**Wildcat Warehouse will be March 29th
Tables have been purchased for the pavilion. Now funds will be used
for student incentives

4. Trust Lands proposal for 2023-2024 school year
Goal: Students leave Ashman reading on grade level
Discussion and Vote
Ashman Elementary wants to ensure that the needs of all students are being
met. Instructional Assistants will work with the teachers to assist with
differentiated instruction. Funds will be used to cover salary for Instructional
Assistants to help in the classroom.

Money will be used to purchase software, hardware and technology for the
classroom. Funds will be used to assist teacher and enhance instruction through computer programs such as ESGI, Brain Pop and IXL. It may also be used for technology materials such as Apple TVs, projectors, chromebooks and any additional items that will enhance classroom instruction.

The community council went through the Trust Land proposal for next year and discussed the items. The vote was 8 to 0 in favor. The proposal was passed.


Community Council training can be found on -
Video will be watched as a council during the August meeting.

Attending meeting: Kate Goble, Haley Turner, Kirstie Curtis, Ashley Wilder Austin Bozzelli, Jill Porter, Lisa Thomas, Vonae Swenson, Jessica Jensen
Excused: Amee Roundy