Ashman PTO/Trustland Minutes 8-30-22

ATTENDANCE: Jill Porter, Aimee Roundy, Lisa Thomas, Austin Bozzelli, Ashley Wilder, Abigail Richards,
Adena Ellis, Cydney Shepherd, Vonae Swenson // Zoom: Shawna Jacobsen, McKenzie Thompson,
Jennifer Robison, Erica Davis

     Sept 1st
     School Pics- Abigail and Lisa will help from 8-12pm
     Sept 2nd
     Walk to School Day- Lisa will have a small snack to the school before 8:15am. We need 510
     with a few allergy friendly options
     Oct 4th
     Picture retake- Jennifer Robison and Shawna Jacobsen will help
    Oct 5-7th
     Book Fair- Patty Taylor will need some help
     Oct 6th SEPs- PTO will provide a lunch for the teachers

     - Penny Wars in the spring
     - Fun Friday equivalent last Wednesday of each month starting Sept 28th
           $1 for a fun toy/treat
       Earn money for outside pavilion tables
       Give 15-20 “dollars” to each teacher to give out at their discretion
       Focus on the Ashman theme for that month? (Sept is being kind)
       Ashley will make a flier explaining the program and we will send home a flier each
       month as a reminder
       Set up in the cafeteria, excuse classes one at a time, Jill and Aimee can help with crowd
       Trust Lunds and Title One funds review of how funds will be used this year
       Find ways to promote DADS ON DUTY program