Ashman PTO Meeting 08/11/2020

In attendance:

  • Jill Porter
  • Amee Roundy
  • Trish Larsen
  • Ashley Wilder
  • Tori Ott
  • Nachelle Hart
  • Sara Swapp


  • Reviewed and approved last meeting’s minutes
  • Elected Trish Larsen as PTO president for 2020-2021 school year
  • Red Ribbon Week- October 26th-30th - Theme: Be happy, be brave, be drug free
  • Mon 26th- I’m voting for my future to be drug free- wear read/white/blue *give a treat to kids who dress up (Trish Larsen will find a treat- taffy?)
  • Tues 27th- I’m too bright for drugs- wear sunglasses and/or bright colors
  • Wed 28th- Be on a drug-free team- wear your team gear *hand out a coloring page
  • Thurs 29th- Put a cap on drugs- wear a crazy hat
  • Fri 30th- Drugs are scary- wear your Halloween costume

*Ashley Wilder will make a flier to send home on the Wednesday before

  • Come Read With Me- Friday Nov 13th- How can we make it work with Covid? Divide times between grades? Bring in people to read to the whole class?
    • Organize books on Nov 10th at 9:30am- Nachelle Hart will organize books- find 3-4 other parents to help
  • Birthday Table- need volunteers to deliver a sucker and pencil to birthday kids each month. Ashley Wilder will deliver for Aug/Sept
  • Box Tops/CokeGives- Tori Ott and Karen Stevenson will be the coordinating these programs
  • Christmas Tree Lane- if it doesn’t happen this year, look for other ways the 1st grade can decorate ornaments for a tree- In the front of the school? At South China?
  • Next meeting November 10th at 11am