Ashman Elementary
PTO Meeting
August 7, 2019

PTO Presidency for 2019 -2020 School Year
President – Paige Wolfgramm
Vice- President – Tori Ott
Secretary – Sarah Haslam
Treasurer – Jennifer Alsop

Agenda –

1. Fundraising for the year (Money for lunch tables)
i. Lunch Ladies back sale
ii. Coke Gives

2. Trust land Review 80% Reading Goal
a. Beverly Taylor Sorenson – Art
b. Instructional Assistants
c. Educational Software
d. Half-Day Kindergarten Teacher/Refocus
Community Council training can be found on

3. Title One Funds Review
a. Instructional Assistants

4. TSSA Funds
a. Instructional Assistants
b. Really Great Reading
THL Books were added to expenditures (Mrs. Roundy)
5. Calendar Items

Paige Wofgramm resigned as president for the upcoming school year. Tori Ott will be acting president for the 2019-2020 school year. Elections will be held in March.

Kristie Curtis – Teacher paragraph and photos are due in January for yearbook.

Fundraising ideas:
Look into Amazon Smile as a possible fundraiser - .5% goes to school
Bend the rules $1.00
1. Hat
2. 2- Recess


Next Meeting will be held: September 24th at 1:30pm in Faculty room
Sarah Haslam will put together agenda