Review and approval of October minutes

In attendance, Lisa Thomas, Rochelle Crane, Austin Bozzelli, Ashley Wilder, Jill Porter

President: Lisa Thomas

Vice President: Austin Bozzelli

Secretary: Ashley Wilder

Treasurer: Luis Monuz



1. Val-O-Gram Fundraiser    Mrs.Roundy will print out 40 of each card in red or pink

Val-O-Grams will go home on January 31st. 

Back on Wednesday February 9th and put together on the 11th @8am. 

2. Field Day - Marian Tidwell will be in charge

3. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5th - 6th 

Ideas were discussed 

4. Penny War fundraiser 

Mrs. Porter will print the flyer 

The fundraiser will go March 21st - April 1st. (Beat the Faculty and Staff)

Next Meeting will be held: March 15th @ 1:30pm