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Tell someone you know about FREE Online Filing!

With everything going on, I just wanted make sure you are aware about myfreetaxes.com.  It is a site to file your taxes for free.  If someone does not have an option to file via computer they can still contact our office to get help. If they want to come in to get help they can call my office to schedule an appointment at (435) 893-0735.  Please help us spread the word and tell someone you know.  Thanks so Much!

Tell someone you know about FREE Online Filing!

You can file your taxes for free from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer, internet access, an email account, and all of your tax documentation. It’s an easy, safe, and secure way to file your Federal and Utah state tax return 100% free.

Collect your documents.

For more information visit taxhelput.org or myfreetaxes.com