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December Technology Spotlight

Sevier School District would like to thank the citizens of Sevier County for their support of the 2013 voted leeway.  That leeway has made many of these wonderful technology enhancements possible.

Koosharem Elementary School is a unique school.  It is a small school with 43 students ranging from kindergarten through 6th grade.  It can be challenging to teach students in mixed grade levels and the teachers at Koosharem Elementary rise to this challenge daily.  When walking through the small school a person can see students using chromebooks and computers, and teachers are using their computers, projectors, and other devices.  Technology use can truly been seen everywhere throughout the school on a daily basis.

The teachers all expressed how important technology is for their teaching.  Mykayla Hayden, one of the teachers, stated, “Technology has helped me to meet individual students where they are at in their learning process.  It is integrated into almost every lesson I teach.”

Wes Torgersen, the lead teacher at Koosharem Elementary, said this, “I feel that integrating technology is a great way to get students engaged in their own learning.”

The teachers at Koosharem Elementary strive hard to reach each of their students and give them the best teaching possible.  All of the teachers at Koosharem elementary expressed how important it is to have technology in the classroom and available for their students.  It creates so many learning opportunities for students and it really helps the teachers to be able to differentiate to better help their students.  With so many different grade levels mixed together throughout parts of the day, in a small school like Koosharem Elementary, technology truly makes a positive difference.