January 2019 - Technology Spotlight


● Pahvant Elementary School
● January 11, 2019

Sevier School District would like to thank the citizens of Sevier County for their support of the 2013 voted leeway. That leeway has made many of these wonderful technology enhancements possible.

Pahvant Elementary School teaches 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. At Pahvant, administrators and teachers are dedicated to helping students become successful and meeting the needs of each student. They are currently using a technology tool called Illuminate to help them accomplish this.

Illuminate is a data tool that allows teachers to design assessments and get data back on what students truly know. The teachers at Pahvant collaborate weekly and work together to decide what concepts from the state core they are going to cover that week and what strategies and tools will best help their students understand the concepts. They use a variety of resources when creating the assessments and teaching the concepts including online sources, sometimes songs and actions, resources from the “Wonders” reading program the district uses, and the list goes on and on. Teachers at Pahvant truly strive to engage each and every student and provide a variety of learning modalities.

When talking with Pahvant Elementary School Principal Chad Johnson, he said, “We now have the ability to create common formative assessments in a timely manner that are directly aligned with our essential standards. This allows us to groups students according to specific and individualized needs. We are able to utilize Illuminate in various ways to ensure our students are learning. One of the greatest benefits we have gained isn’t directly tied to the program itself, but rather the conversations it has created. Grade level teams are analyzing test questions at a higher level than in the past. They are identifying DOK (Depth of Knowledge) levels and coming to an agreement on what each standard really means and how to best assess and teach them. The impact has been significant. When I attend team meetings it is common to see teachers working together to create a common assessment which leads to best practice discussions. As with any tool Illuminate is only as good as the teacher that are utilizing it. The teachers at Pahvant Elementary are becoming exemplary with their use of Illuminate to drive instruction across our school and as a result, have made Illuminate a very powerful tool to ensure learning.”

When asked about using Illuminate, Mrs. Anderson, a 4th grade teacher said, “I use Illuminate to drive my instruction based off the results I receive from the assessment tool.” She went on to discuss technology in the classroom, “Technology is a way for students to be engaged in their learning. I believe incorporating technology is a way to motivate students. It helps to keep the class engaged.”

Mrs. Erickson, another 4th grade teacher said this about Illuminate, “The students enjoy the tests and I enjoy the fact that I can get immediate results and dig into the data to get more detailed information.”

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