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+ Community Council Members

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Trustlands Budget

2019-2020 School Year


Amount Awarded $46,943

Rollover 2018-2019 $  2,225

Total for 2019-2020 $49,168


Planned Expenditures

Goal 1 $38,610

Goal 2 $  1,000

Goal 3 $  2,000

Goal 4 $  4,200

Total $45,810


Remaining for 2020-2021 $  3,358


Goal 1

5.0 hour instructional assistant $11,952

5.5 hour instructional assistant $15,340

Maintain certified staffing $  2,065

USTAR Course Instructor $  6,915

Instructional Assistant Pay $  1,345 (position rolled over to TSSA funding)

Credit recovery program $     993

Total $38,610


Goal 2

Character education program $  1,000

me2we “Building a Stronger Me”


Goal 3

Travel expenses and/or $  2,000

admission for 3-5 educational field trips


Goal 4

Solution Tree PLC Conference $  4,200

TSSA Funding

2019-2020 School Year


Amount Awarded $12,937

5.0 hour instructional assistant $11,592

Remaining for 2020-2021 $  1,345



South Sevier Middle School

Community Council Meeting


Council members in attendance:

Staff:  Principal Nielson, Mr. McCormick, Mrs. Meacham

Parents:  Renate Anderson, Denisa Taylor, Cindy Riddle

Council members not in attendance:

Staff:  Mr. Twitchell

Parents:  Jackie Patterson, Becky Bastian, Libby Abraham


School Happenings/Celebrations

            Office referrals: Mrs. Nielson explained Positive Office Referral’s are SSMS’s way of catching and reinforcing students positive behaviors.  Students who receive referrals visit with the Principal concerning the behavior, rewarded with a post card that is mailed home to parents and a candy bar for the student to enjoy.


i-Ready diagnostic: Designed to address individual student’s needs and personal growth.


People-Oriented Schools: Principal Nielson explained that one of the goals for South Sevier Middle School’s staff is to be a People-Oriented School.  It was reviewed what a People-Oriented School looks like and asked the committee members if they had any experiences positive or negative concerning SSMS staff and People - Oriented standards.

Goals of Community Council:  Principal Nielson gave each committee member a copy of the “Goals of Community Council” to review.

Job Descriptions

            Chairman/Vice Chair Nominations

                        Principal Nielson asked for volunteers for Chairman/Vice Chair.  This decision was pushed to be addressed at our next Council Meeting

            Training Videos

                        Committee viewed the Trust Lands training video.

            Council membership form (emails)

                        Requested each committee members e-mail address.

Academic Plan

            Flex interventions: New program starting in October designed to focus on individual student’s “Big Rock Skills” in reading, math and language.  Program will take place 30 minutes of each school day.

            Working lunch: New program designed to help students who have non-mastery assignments  in core classes by giving them the opportunity to work on assignments with adults help.  (Students are referred by teachers)

Character Education Plan

            Me2we program

            Take a Stand Against Bullying week

Digital Citizenship Plan


            Back to school night minute

            admin/teachers w/tech endorsement

18-19 Trustland’s Budget

            Request for amendments

            Update on goal status                                                  Next meeting: November 28, 2018, 3:15-4:00