61.07 Feels Like 59.88
Sunrise 6:14 am
Sunset 8:35 pm

South Sevier Middle School
Community Council Meeting

Council Members in attendance:
School: Michelle Nielson, Bryce Twitchell, Paul McCormick
Parents: Deinsa Taylor, Cindy Riddle, Renate Anderson

Council Members not in attendance:
School: Gina Meacham
Parents: Libby Abraham, Becky Bastian, Jackie Patterson

People-Oriented School
Where are we at? Have we come closer to achieving this goal?
SSMS is a very welcoming place, kids feel important and known

School Happenings/Celebrations
It’s the Final Countdown!
i-Ready Diagnostic: April 4-12
4th quarter mid-term: April 12
Lip Sync: April 12
RISE Assessment: April 22-May 17

2018-2019 Budget
Review current plan
All goals followed through on

2019-2020 Budget
Review proposal
Committee in full approval/agreement
Will be sent via email to members not present at meeting

How to seal the deal
Watch for an email coming from School Land Trust April 1-4, “sign” and submit


Thank you for serving on the Community Council! Stay tuned for next year...